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Comments for 'Strange Bedfellows (Part 1)'

9:43 pm | May 2, 2002
This was a good story but the spelling was little off but not quite as off as my story but i got confused on some parts because like instead of writeing one hell of a day and a changing of 2 lives it say on hell of a day and a changing of 2 lives so next time check your spelling and it'll be easier to read ok
8:38 pm | April 29, 2002
Jaywhit and i couldn't come up with a name so we just let Louis name it, not such a good idea i guess, even i dont understand the name
TrueNike[tt abs]
3:48 pm | April 28, 2002
A great story.Where did the name come from?
5:38 pm | April 25, 2002
This was an interesting story we wrote and if you don't get how we got it like this read the lastest parts of both our stories. And if anyone wants to know how we got the name for the story ill answer it after you people give us comments
Joshua "Infernal" Barreto
1:24 am | April 25, 2002
I like how the two different stories came together. It's kind of like when Batman fought against the Predator.