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ODST Saga: Chapter 1
Posted By: Robo42786<Robo42786@aol.com>
Date: 5 April 2002, 5:42 pm

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"This is as close to the objective as I can get you without giving away your presence Lieutenant." Radioed Courtney.

Courtney, or Alpha 213, was our Pelican Drop ship pilot. We were engaged and had known each other since high school, the first thing I was going to do when this war was over is marry her. Some say having a close relationship with someone else in the corp. wasn't a smart idea, I disagree, you need a close bond with someone who most likely will pull your ass out of a hot zone every other mission. The same goes for my squad who I'm in charge of. We are a squad of Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, five of us, the best ODST this side of the human colony Sigma Octanus II.

The squad is made up of Private Seth Porter, our high explosives expert. Private Brett Wallace, our radar operator and highly skilled in the use of the standard issue MA5B Assault Rifle. He could take out a grunt from 300 yards away using no more than 5 rounds. Corporal Chad Gibbons one of two snipers. Sergeant Kevin Stewart, our other sniper and my combat equivalent, the only reason he hadn't made Lt. was because of a leg injury that prevented him from performing at 100%. And finally me, Lieutenant Robert Clower, 27 years old and I have spent the last decade in the Marine Corp. I have known all these men for many years and I am fortunate to have a squad with so many skilled and dedicated men, I hardly ever pull rank with them, as far as I am concerned we are equal and call each other by name.

Our latest mission had taken us to a Covenant facility in the Western Hemisphere of Sigma Octanus II. They had almost totally decimated the civilian and military population on this continent and set up multiple headquarters throughout the terrain. Intel reports the covenant have set up a facility for studying and producing genetically enhanced versions of the most deadly chemical and biological agents ever known to humanity. Our objective was strictly hit and run, which is what we were good at, get in complete the mission and get out before the Covenant even knew what happened.

For this mission we would have to find our way from the DZ to a Covenant structure, take out any external guards we encountered, sneak into the building and find the laboratory at which time we will place a small tactical nuke and get the hell out of there.

"Roger that Alpha 213, stand by for extract."

"Okay guys the structure should be two clicks over that ridge. I want Chad and Kevin heading point, once you get to the top of the ridge scan for Covenant patrols. Brett you follow behind for support."

"Yes, sir!"

We began to move through the heavily wooded hills towards our objective, alert for any movement that might signal the Covenant were onto us.

"Hey, boss, I got a patrol at 2 o' clock made up of 6 grunts and 2 jackals heading point. Request permission to fire at will." Reported Chad.

"Denied, you and Kevin select and take out the jackals. Brett, once the jackals go down open fire on the grunts."

I herd 2 rounds leave the barrels of the sniper rifles followed by several coughs of Brett's silenced assault rifle and that was the last of that patrol. We encountered 2 more identical patrols and the same procedure was executed with maximum efficiency. We had a visual on the structure; it was 500 yards directly in front of us. The only guards we could see were 2 Hunters by the entrance.

"Snipers, take your targets and remember that soft orange spot on the stomach." 4 seconds later the Hunters were dead.

"Everyone take out your MA5Bs and silence them, were moving in on the objective now!"