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Comments for 'ODST Saga: Chapter 1'

9:59 pm | April 8, 2002
mmmmmm, revenge,.....tastie :)
9:14 pm | April 8, 2002
oh i dont post on some because i dont have time, so i dont offend anyone
9:12 pm | April 8, 2002
Oooh revenge muwahahahaha nice touch
9:12 pm | April 8, 2002
ya i know i say that to everything because if i hate it i dont post on them
7:51 pm | April 8, 2002
thanks i appreciate the approval and support for this story, ive written chapters 2 and 3 already and have submitted them but im stuck on what to do next so after you read the next 2 chapters i'd like some ideas so let me know where you think the story should go. oh and by the way courtney and i broke up, she was using me and dumped me for another guy so ive got a small bit about pelican drop ship 213 meeting an untimely fate ;)
5:00 am | April 8, 2002
Jay, you say that too everything :)anyways, its simple and basic...keep them coming...some of these nitwits dont know how to "write" at all, but its good...
3:00 am | April 8, 2002
I love it just love it. I have no problems with it, keep it up. This is beggining to sound like a great story
1:57 am | April 8, 2002
Worthy of praise, my dear man, worthy of praise. I enjoy the action you have going. Not too detail oriented; it's precise. Makes for a simple and enjoyable read. You're kickin' the hay now, keep it up, man.