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999th Marine Division: Battle for Seeron: Part one
Posted By: Rippling Plasma Fire<fifteenroundspersecond@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 May 2004, 6:25 PM

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Brass cylinders tinkled over the rocks. A quiet, almost unheard ching! ching! ching! dusted the ears of the men running through the grass. Steel glinted and titanium clanked as fifteen UNSC Marines raced into the village.
"Teams Beta through Eta." Lt. James Makray yelled. "Bust down doors and kill anything not wearing human clothing. Team Alpha will come with me to that barracks."
He pointed to a squat shack, the door was kicked in and the tri-barreled nose of a Shade poked through the window.
The muffled coughs of the fire teams silenced MA6Bs filled the air as Makray guided his men in a crouch to a nearby building.
"Two frags in the window." He said quietly. "Them AR covering fire as Damon and I rush 'em. Got it?"
The youngest member of their three man team nodded and Makray clapped him on the shoulder.
Makray and Damon moved down into the shadows and watched the young Marine pluck two M9 Fragmentation Grenades from his combat harness. The explosives sailed into the window and detonated. The man rose up on one knee and opened fire with his MA6B.
The two men rushed through the door and peppered the Covenant soldiers still alive and struggling to stand. The Ballistic armor on Damons chest flared and melted. A lucky Grunt had pulled himself into the Shade and scored a grazing shot on the Marine. Damon screamed and fell back, his MA6B clattering to the ground. Makray shouldered his rifle and fired. The Grunt slumped over his controls.
The words "clear!" rang throughout the village as Marines from the other Fire Teams exited huts. A young Sergeant pulled Makray aside.
"There's no survivors, sir." He said quietly. "Tons of bodies, but no survivors."
Makray nodded slowly and removed his helmet. A man with a large T94 radio pack on his back ran up to Makray.
"Orders from command, sir!" The man said. "We're to meet up with the 981st Marine division in Deo Sana ten hours from now."
"Deo Sana's four days from here!" Makray exclaimed. "We lost one Pelican when it took fire on take-off, and the other won't fly with fifteen men in her belly."
"I notified command and they're sending another dropship." The man said quickly.
Purple plasma rippled through the grass and set patches ablaze. A huge U-shaped ship set down gently and disgourged eight Covenant Elites.
"I'm thinking they're not here for tea." Makray commented as plasma fire slashed blue lines around his head. His MA6B was joined by the rest of the squads as the men opened fire on the new enemies. Makray's rifle spat ten rounds and died.
"Shit!" He cried, ducking behind a rock. The empty clip clattered to the ground and Makray slapped a full mag into the charger.
He leaned around the rock to see all eight Elites fall dead under a barrage of gunfire. A huge Marine in grey armor raced up to the dropship and jumped inside. The doors closed and the ship lifted off. Seconds later, the ship wobbled and went through a dizzing series of maneuvers. The bulky Covenant craft looped and sped towards the Marines staring at the specticle. The ship suddenly regained a calm nature and settled onto it's skids.
"What the fuck?" Makray heard himself mutter as he raced up to aircraft. The passenger door hissed down and the Marine ran inside. In the cockpit of the ship, Makray saw three dead Elites lying at their stations. The grey amored Marine sat at the controls, his reflective faceplate glinting in the deep purple lighting.
"Welcome aboard Air Covenant!" The Marine quipped.
"Who the hell are you?" Asked Makray.
"Spartan-216 at your service!" The man said cheerfully.
"Spartans usually aren't this happy, soldier. Who are you, really?" Makray said softly.
"Alright fine!" The man sighed heavily and said, "Michael Simmons, 45th ODST regiment. My HEV took fire and hit hard. By the time I regained my bearings my squad had left without me! OK?"
"Right." Makray said. "Do you need a medic or something?"
"No, my squad was supposed to meet up in Deo Sana and I hear that's where you're headed too. Care for a ride?"
"Sure." Makray said. He walked back out to the Marine squad and motioned them forward.
"Men who came in on Victor 339 will ride back in the Pelican. Men who rode Victor 340 in will ride in here. Move out."
The men in the Pelican grumbled and griped all the way back to the ship.
"Why couldn't you get shot down too?" A Marine complained.
"Yeah. I wanted to ride in the Covie ship." Another groaned.
The pilots voice blared over the intercom.
"You pansies shut the fuck up before I kick all you little bastards out of my bay!" The voice growled menacingly.
"Pelicans are good too." A Marine added quickly, socking the Marine next to him. "We're honored to ride in your chariot."
"Thats what I wanted to hear." The pilot said. "Although, I might just dump you out for being a damn brown-noser."
The other Marines laughed as the dropship powered into the sky.

For the men in the Covenant Dropship, it was a different story.
"Is this supposed to be a chair?" A Marine called to the ODST at the controls. "It feels like I'm sitting on a damn sponge!"
The chairs in the cockpit gave so much that the Marine was almost covered by the backrest.
"Help! It's eating me!" He screamed.
"Shut up you idiot." The Marines friend yelled. "I hear enough of your dumb jokes at the base."
"Fuck you. Those take ten milliseconds each to come up with, assmunch."
The engines roared and the Dropship lifted into the air.


This is my first story. I'm not sure just how many parts will make up this "book." But, I plan on making it long enough to insert all my ideas. Any comments would be appreciated so post 'em when you can.