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Wilkins part 1
Posted By: Phat Bob<Phat_Bob@mindless.com>
Date: 3 December 2002, 6:56 am

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Wilkins had just seen his Sgt.'s head torn to bits by the enemy. The red Elite literally ripped his head off, and left it lying, lifeless, on the floor. Wilkins screamed, firing with precise aim. 7 of the 10 rounds caught the monster in the head. It too fell, headless. Suddenly a familiar voice contacted him.
"Private, get to the armory, you are to escort the Master Chief to the bridge."
"I copy Captain," he responded. Looking around he saw the last grunt fall.

When he arrived he found 3 crewmen fighting a detachment of Grunts. Armed with only pistols and some small crates for cover, it would only be a matter of time before they were slaughtered. Instinctively he fired the rest of his magazine at the advancing covanent, ripping through their bodies killing 6 of them. The remaining 5 ran for cover. Wilkins reloaded his AR as fast as he could when he was tapped on the shoulder with a Plasma Rifle.

Turning around, petrified, he saw a large green suit, Obviously the Master Chief. He was easily a foot taller than himself, and looked incredibly strong. The lights shone off his orange visor, hiding his face.
"Are you Pvt. Wilkins?"
"Yes sir," he called, saluting, "The Captain needs you and the bridge ASAP"
"Lead the way marine." Wilkins tried to run at a fair pace and tried to make it look sleek and obvious he was a well trained soldier. The Master Chief was his idol, and he saved him once while he was still in cryo sleep.
"This way sir!" he yelled back, sounding as confident as he could. He opened the door in front of him, only to find an Elite glaring at him.

Without thinking the Master Chief dove forward, simultaneously knocking over Wilkins and the Elite. Both were caught off guard and fell to the ground. The Covanent roared before the Master Chief crushed its head underneath his boot.
"Thank you..." was all Wilkins managed to say. The Master Chief stared at him for a second before replying.
"From what I was told, I owed you one." As he did. Wilkins helped hold off 15 Grunts and 2 Elites while the Master Chief was loaded onto the Pillar of Autumn. He and 2 other marines were in a Warthog just outside the ship, engaged in a vicious battle. Wilkins was driving to his patrol point when they were ambushed. The hail of plasma instantly killed the passenger who had no chance to even react. The gunner swung around and managed to mow down half of the enemy before taking 5 plasma bursts in the arm and fell out. Wilkins turned back to pick him up only to find 3 plasma grenades land on him and blow him to pieces. Wilkins jumped out and threw a grenade, 3 seconds later it exploded causing the methane on the Grunts' backs to explode with an enormous force killing everyone around them. When he got back to the ship he found an Elite standing next to a long crate, surrounded by human and Covanent bodies. He floored the jeep and ran over the preoccupied Elite. When he got out he looked down at what the enemy was prying at. It was the Master Chief. The last remaining capsule contained him. The rest were opened and filled with plasma. Wilkins dragged the capsule in and locked the door.