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The Angel of Death
Posted By: Jason P.<usaf_thunderbird_16@hotmail.com>
Date: 8 August 2002, 2:47 am

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The Angel of Death stands before me
He stares, though he has no eyes
He scowls, but he has no mouth
He stands, motionless, yet wavering
He shows no mercy, but hesitates
Finally he decides my fate
His body stands straighter
His eyes, though invisible, glow with hatred
His mouth, though hidden, is tightly closed with determination
His finger twitches
That one simple movement seals my fate
The trigger trips
The hammer slides back, then lurches forward
It strikes, setting off the bullet
The propellant burns
The cap shoots forward
The slide falls back
A wasted cartridge flies out
The cap exits the barrel
A plume of smoke follows it
I see it approach, slowly
Slowly yet still too fast
Closer and closer it comes
Until it strikes me
Smashes through my skull
I feel life slip away
As my eyes close, and my vision blurs
The last thing I see is purple running into my eyes
Soon I cannot see
I feel no pain
I sense nothing around me
I only hear the screams of pain from those before me
My body twitches, though I do not know
Though I cannot see, I know it is there
The Angel of Death
Standing and watching me die
I fear it
I loathe it
But it doesn't care
My life leaves my body
And the Angel of Death remains to kill more.