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Comments for 'The Angel of Death'

1:17 am | August 10, 2002
6:23 am | August 9, 2002
oh. i thought it was the covenant who killed people (joking).
2:54 am | August 9, 2002
or write one so good it makes her cry, which i just did :-D
10:46 pm | August 8, 2002
eh just say you were busy....AND NEVER DO ONE ;D
6:52 pm | August 8, 2002
I thought it was good
A (sometimes) critical poster
6:21 pm | August 8, 2002
Good luck!
6:20 pm | August 8, 2002
haha.. actually i'm writing it right now.. just hoping it's decent
A (sometimes) critical poster
5:56 pm | August 8, 2002
Yeah, thats what you get. Whatever you do, don't play the "I can only write poems about things that inspire me" card. Boy did I learn that the hard way!
5:54 pm | August 8, 2002
Thanks for the compliments, but writing this poem seems to have gotten me in trouble...My girlfriend wants me to write one about her.... oh hell
A (sometimes) critical poster
5:27 pm | August 8, 2002
Yes, I agree, but Arch, a question. Does it suprise you that noone is interested in your comments when all you seem to do is praise stuff. In this instance your right, most excellent.
5:00 pm | August 8, 2002
Most excellent!