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A Final Oration
Posted By: 'Nosolee<crugg2003@optonline.net>
Date: 11 October 2003, 8:15 PM

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Master Chief stands before hundreds of thousands of humans ready to fight one final and desperate battle. His voice is amplified by a few hundred loudspeakers as he delivers a powerful oration to mentally prepare the forlorn warriors.

I know you have heard rumors,
And I know you have read stories,
And it might be hard for you grasp this concept,
But today I stand here as just human as you are.

Look at the man beside you,
Weather he is African, Asian, European,
Or a descendant from any other race,
He is still just as human as you are,
And he is still fighting for the same reasons you are,
Survival, protection, his dignity, our dignity.

Today, I do not see UNSC marines, ODSTs, Pilots,
Naval officers, Maintenance workers, or any other military personnel,
Nor do I see members of different cultures or associates of rival political parties.
I do not see the traitorous Rebels that once viciously fought against the UNSC,
I do not see civilians who have taken up weapons to fight for a just cause.
I only see one single unit of men and women who have banded together to resist extermination by genocide.

A thunderous roar from the oncoming Covenant warriors resounds in the distance. Waves of fear splash along the countenances of the human soldiers.

Do not fear them!
I don't, I never have, I never will!
When I am on my hands and knees,
Bleeding and vanishing to the dust,
The dust that my fallen brothers and sisters have already faded into,
You shall not find the slightest bit of dread in my heart of them.
For that is what they desire the most, even more that our destruction,
How can you obliterate a race that doesn't fear you?

Today, however, we will instill the fear into them!
For if it is our fate that we must perish,
They will remember this day,
The day that the humans lead one final assault against elimination!
And when they look back on this day they will shudder and weep,
For the memory of our faces on this day,
Will breathe horror into even the mightiest of their warriors!

The roar of the charging Covenant onslaught grows louder by the second.

Do not lose hope!
Do not lose faith!
There is no reason to,
For there is always hope!

You will all be remembered for this day,
When our time has passed and the children of our grandchildren rule this world,
You will be commended and your names written on plaques.
For is it better to die now with a weapon in your hands,
Fighting for survival of your people,
Or to die one-hundred years from this day,
In a bed, enslaved by disease?

Today, my friends,
Today we end this war,
Today is the day we die,
Today is the day we weep,
Today is the day we rejoice in victory,
It is the final day,
Today is the day we fight!

All humans raise an enormous cheer as the heads of the fearsome, yet intimidate Covenant soldiers appear coming over the hills. The Master Chief raises his weapon, one last time.