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Comments for 'A Final Oration'

2:00 am | October 15, 2003
Powerful story, I like how the chief kind of shows what he learned from training with people of different ethnicities at such an early age.
Jackal Jak
12:57 am | October 15, 2003
"...the Master Cheif raised his weapon, one last time." great ending, the whole oration was absolutely pure gold.
CoLd BlooDed
10:59 pm | October 14, 2003
hey its me CoLd BlooDed u used to reed my stories and then I stopped making them, but im back (its been like 2 1/2 months since)u should read my story i just put out its called Invasion of X41 but so far nobody hav posted haha u shood check it out o ya good story 9.5/10
10:42 pm | October 13, 2003
very exhilirating (probably spelt that wrong, meh) well done
2:24 pm | October 13, 2003
I was reminded of Braveheart or Warrior Queen, but the dialogue was original. This was beautiful, man, beautiful. I love it. 10/10.

And check out my two new poems, "The Men that Make the Marines" and "Cry for the Dead". From what I've heard so far, they're not bad.

Semper Fi

12:56 am | October 13, 2003
Be kind, please...it was all Inspiration's fault.

Lol, I was just sitting around, fingers at the keyboard, just finished Fall of Fate13, and this idea came to my head.

No, I did not take anyting from Braveheart. Frensa brought that up to me AFTER I sent it in. I don't even remember any of those lines in Braveheart...