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The Fall of Fate: Invasion, Part Three(13)
Posted By: 'Nosolee<crugg2003@optonline.net>
Date: 11 October 2003, 12:06 AM

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It's been a while, four months to be exact. So go to: http://halo.bungie.org/fanfic/?series=The%20Fall%20of%20Fate if you forgot.

1560 Hours April 29, 2548 (Military Calendar)//Inside Fate.

      Gregory trekked further into the hell that churned within Fate. As he walked through the nuclear flames, he continued to pass the burnt and twisted bodies that lay strewn about, some carcasses still burning, others gruesome and horrific. They held their weapons in a death grip, as if they could fend off He who comes to claim all. Gregory noticed that there was a scant amount of Jackal corpses; he deduced that they made up the vast amount of ashes that lay scattered all over the deck of the ship, being that they wore little to no armor.
      Gregory strode down a once violet, now black, hall that led into a docking bay. A burning double door that was half open and spewing flames was the only obstacle he had to overcome to get into the hanger. Gregory was about to kick the door in when the seventeen Sentinels blasted the door to pieces in a matter of seconds.
      "Thanks," Gregory said as he stepped onto a ledge that traversed around the perimeter of the rectangular hanger.
      "No problem," Augustus answered. Gregory noticed that the ceiling was somewhat caved in from when the battleship tipped over. Where the force fields once stood were now replaced by two gigantic, square openings that faced the hills. The two dropships that were docked in the bay were now cast in flames and lay as smashed metal hunks. Gregory noticed he dead Covenant troops half hanging out of doors of the ships. Where the force-fields once were now stood two gaping square openings, and standing behind them were the hills and freedom. Gregory saw this and eventually made it down to that floor after passing through the black halls and walking down several ramps. Before he stepped out of Fate and onto the green grass he noticed one sole banshee that was not engulfed in flames. He flipped the toppled vehicle and checked its stats. Its armor was at low capability, but its weapons and flight ability was decent. Gregory took note of this and stepped out of Fate and onto the green grass.
      "You made it, good job. I'm calling the Sentinels back to guard this instillation," Augustus said over Gregory's COM channel.
      "Okay," the Spartan responded. He hadn't been walking for ten minutes before he came in contact with the enemy. The air was filled with the roar of the twelve remaining banshees who sited Gregory at once. Blue Plasma raced at the weaponless Spartan.
      "If I don't find a weapon, I'm 'gonna die," Gregory said to himself. Just then, he remembered what was in the docking bay of Fate/

150 Hours April 29, 2548 (Military Calendar)//Driving Through the Transportation Tunnels Beneath Delta Base 148.

      The three Spartans had been driving through the center of the long tunnel for a long time, passing sets of four wooden supply crates stacked along the wall every then meters. It wasn't long before two red dots appeared on radar and two Special Operations Elites were found standing on the roof of a forklift, feeling along the ceiling of the tunnel for a way in the shafts. The were desperately trying to murder York and his men.
      Ed hopped out of the drivers seat and crouched behind a group of four supply crates, Tom, the Spartan in the passenger seat also took place behind crates across from Gregory. James, the Spartan who manned them, LAAG, aimed at the Elite on top of the forklift and awaited Ed's signal. The Elites didn't see the three at first, but when on of Tom's fragmentation grenades bounced and landed with a ping! under the forklift, they became very aware. The grenade detonated, sent the forklift up in flames and the Elites backwards in a stream of blood. Shieldless, the two wounded aliens took cover behind the burning forklift. James let loose a stream of bullets at the Forklift's fuel tank. The vehicle and the Elites exploded into yellow-orange flames.

150 Hours April 29, 2548 (Military Calendar)//Onboard Destiny.

      After Whehu 'Drrana had docked his borrowed dropship in one of Destiny's bays, he was warmly greeted by the Ship-master, Quasa 'Ligoree.
      "Ahh! Field-master Whehu 'Drrana! I thank the gods that you are alive and well, although your golden armor is baldly damaged. I am glad to see that our Ossoonas freed you from that vile human prison. How are they doing?" 'Ligoree_asked.
      "You left with twelve, and now there are nine," was 'Drrana's monotonous answer, "In one final, and I must say brave act, a dying human activated his own grenade, killing the three cloaked warriors. I soon escaped and took the remaining nine's dropship." A puzzled look of anguish for the three dead Ossoonas spread across Quasa 'Ligoree's face.
      "We will avenge them, and those lost in the battle of Fate. Our invasion force has already been dispatched," 'Ligoree's said after a short pause.
      "But the humans have already sent in reinforcements," 'Drrana respondend.
      "They have only a small number of troops there, 'Drrana. We will take them out quickly and without a hassle," Quasa 'Ligoree said plainly.
      "I hope you are correct," 'Drrana said, "they have tanks and several other vehicles guarding that "Delta Base".
      "Bah! We have 300 banshees coming in, thirty or so mortar tanks, and hundreds of ghosts. Not to mention the thousands of soldiers," Quasa 'Ligoree roared.
      "Yes, but they have Sphar-tins," 'Drrana tried to pronounce the human word for the deadly human soldiers.
      "Then may the gods protect those who come into contact with the devils," 'Ligoree said with a look of worry in his eyes, he too knew how dangerous the green warriors were.
      "Right, the gods," 'Drrana said with skepticism. Ever since Fate had fallen, a nagging feeling in the back of his head told him that there were no gods. 'Drrana quickly crushed these thoughts, it was blasphemous even to think of such a thing.