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Shipmaster [Part 1]
Posted By: 'Nosolee<crugg2003@optonline.net>
Date: 17 June 2004, 11:13 PM

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This indeed is a tie-in to my Fall of Fate series. However it takes place 4 years afterward, being that FoF occurred during the Year 2548. Since many of you haven't read the Fall of Fate, this story does not rely on any of it's plot points. Therefore, you will not have any trouble reading it. Enjoy and please post some comments.


      Wkehu stared out of the ten by ten window of his dimly lit observation room into the void of space. Thousands of stars spread out as holes of light in the overwhelming darkness. They were so small. He raised a finger, which had previously been part of the arm folded across his chest, to the edge of the window. Rubbing pieces of encrusted mold off the edge between the large glass pane and the cold wall, he cursed the cleaning crew for their lack of attention towards detail. This was the only comfortable room in the destroyer-class battleship. Penance of the Prophets had served, and continued to serve as the Shipmaster's home for the past twenty-three years. The Elite was past his younger brother's rank of Fieldmaster, his armor was upgraded from gold with black sub-colors to white with pale blue sub-colors. Wkehu 'Krrana was in direct relation with the high Prophets, he demanded respect from all subordinates.
      'Krrana's deck crew of eight consisted of only the best; he raised them from novices to the elite tactical group they were today. He knew he could trust them and their judgment; he respected each member as an individual, something unique for a Covenant military leader. Thus, it was no surprise that the Penance of the Prophets sported one of the greatest records a Covenant destroyer ever had. Never, in all of the twenty-three years of service, had Penance the need to turn for any major repairs, nor had it reached hull damage less than 83 percent. All of 'Krrana's officers were adorned with silver armor, distinct to highly efficient naval personnel.
      "Sir," the youngest of Wkehu's crew, 'Laikosee, slid open the doors to the dim room and spoke coolly. "We are approximately ten hour units to our objective. I suggest you get some sleep before tomorrow's action."
      "Tell me, 'Laikosee, how do we know when it's day and when it's night in space?" the Shipmaster said icily and he didn't shift his gaze from the window, he knew it was 'Laikosee just from his pace upon entering the room.
      "Well, Sir, we have our unit measurers, they tell us the time," 'Laikosee answered frankly.
      "What if we didn't, what if they didn't work? How could we know?" 'Krrana responded calmly.
      "Well, sir," he stuttered. "Well, we could tell by our strength, I suppose. When we are tired we know we must sleep, therefore we know it is night.
      "Yes, I suppose," 'Krrana turned from the window and shifted his gaze to the dark blue floor, taking a few steps forward toward 'Laikosee. When he was only a few steps from the young Elite he looked up into his eyes and said: "When technology fails you, always turn toward instinct. Do not rely solely on that one great talent your mind has developed. Leave some work for the Engineers." At that 'Krrana squeezed the Elite's shoulder paternally.
      "I understand fully, sir."
      "Then you get some rest. I know how long you've been working, go to sleep. That is an order," Wkehu said without the authority and sternness expected from a leader of his status.
       "Yes, Sir. I also came to inform you that I've discovered how to boost our slipspace power for extra subspace time. I've converted some of our electrical power to the light-generators; I have the Engineers working on the changes now. The lights may seem lower than usual, though," 'Laioksee said. 'Krrana look up towards the ceiling where the room's dim light was originating.
      "As you can tell I don't live in much light regularly anyway," 'Krrana said with humor.
      "Yes, Sir," with that 'Laikosee slipped through the automatic doors with a small grin. 'Laikosee was the top technician of 'Krrana's deck crew. He didn't actually build anything, but he was brilliant. 'Krrana feared that 'Laikosee rode on his brilliance a little too much.
      Drrana walked over to a holo-pad and looked over his course again. He reread his major and backup plans, checked the weapons' status, and finally looked at the amount of slipspace charge remaining. Penance just came out of subspace only an hour before, they could've stayed in it longer, but 'Krrana needed the generators to get to Earth after they rendezvoused with Shipmaster 'Pociviee's fleet. 'Pociviee was commander of the assault carrier Bane of Darkness, the sister ship of the ex-assault carrier, Judgment.
      'Krrana yawned, yes it was time for sleep. He sent for an Engineer to come and reapair the problem with the communications signal, he'd been receiving garbled transmissions and static every time he tried to contact Covenant High Command. While the Engineer floated in and began to work, 'Krrana fell asleep to the click of sparks in a hover chair for three hours units. When he awoke, he knew that it was time to get ready for the day's events.