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The Fall of Fate: Exploration
Posted By: 'Nosolee<crugg2003@optonline.net>
Date: 11 June 2003, 2:39 PM

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There are references to specific parts in the game in parentheses to aid the reader.

      "What in the hell?" Gregory looked down a steep, dark stairwell. His boots clanked as they stepped on the metal steps and the echo reverberated down the ancient staircase. The Spartan continued down the steps for fifteen minutes until he reached a small door (like the one MC entered in the cut scene in the middle of 343 GS). He stared at the odd looking door and noticed two rectangular, green lights. As he got closer, the door opened automatically.
      "Hmm, interesting," Augustus mused to himself. Beyond the door was a long rectangular room with a high ceiling. The room was dimly lit; most of the light came from strange, tall, green screens (similar to the blue screens in the Library) that lined the entire length of the room.
      "This place just gets weirder and weirder," Gregory said as he stepped through the bizarre Forerunner gallery. At the end of the hallway was another door exactly like the first. He opened the door and walked up a short ramp (similar to those in the maze-like corridors of Assault on the Control Room and Two Betrayals). He surfaced into another bizarre looking room. This room, however, was well lit and, so far as Gregory could tell, roughly circular in shape. In the nucleus of the room were three strange, delta-shaped structures (pulse generators).
      "Hmm, I wonder what those are for," Gregory said.
      "Analyzing. They appear to be some sort of engine, or power generator. They could possibly be used for keeping this place running," Augustus declared, "Let's continue to move through this structure." Gregory got closer to the pointed machines and looked up. Three holes, parallel to each generator, went from the ceiling up to...it looked like the surface. A blue band of light streaked along the sides of the holes going upwards revealing the tube that went to the surface. Gregory followed the light with his eyes until it disappeared.
      "Hey, Augustus, do you think these machines are supposed to fire something?"
      "Hmm, possibly. I cannot make deductions on their purpose just yet."
      "Right," the Spartan said dully. They exited the chamber through a large, triangular door and entered another long, rectangular room, but this one was wider. The floor was oddly corrugated and so was the high ceiling (hallway to the Control Center). At the end was a large blast door, it was signified locked by the two red lights.
      "Well, I guess this is the end. Can't go any more, dead end. Better be heading back," the Spartan said hoping that Augustus wouldn't make him press any further.
      "Hold on now, not so fast. See those holo-pads..."
      "Not this again."
      "Go press one of the big yellow buttons, that should open the doors," Augustus marked the button with a nav point. Gregory let out a long sigh.
      "Damn it. Fine, but if that door blows up in my face like that other thing, we'll either both be dead, or I'll survive, and then I'll crush you," Gregory threatened.
      "You charm me, just open the damn door." Gregory pressed the button and watched. There was a deep clank as the gears shifted, the light turned green, there was a hiss of released pressure, and the doors slid apart revealing a room beyond anything the Spartan could have ever imagined.

      "F**k you humans! I'm telling you I have no idea where the damn Spartan is!" 'Drrana pounded the bars of the metal cage.
      "You sure as hell better know, for you sake," York said as he shoved the shotgun barrel in Wkehu's face.
      "Or you'll what, kill me? Go ahead, end my painful misery!" 'Drrana screamed at the marine.
      "Damn you, where is he!" York yelled.
      "I swear! I'm telling you this again! I don't have any clue on the whereabouts of your stupid Spartan," 'Drrana violently rattled the cage bars and roared. Even though the marines were bad asses, the scene of a vicious alien in a brutal rage made their spines tingle with fear.
      "Fine then, we'll just have to torture you until you do know where the Spartan is," York said. 'Drrana snarled and clicked his lower mandibles. He was trying to be as patient as he could.
      "Grrahh! Just because you stupid humans left without taking one of your insolent soldiers and then crushing him with the body of Fate, does not mean that you should take your anger out on me!"
      "I have one quick question for you. How come you speak perfect English, but none of your other elite buddies do?" York asked.
      "I am educated you imbecile! I am a field master!" 'Drrana replied.
      "And oh yeah, in response to your last comment--just because your stupid, f**ked up leaders tell you to kill us, doesn't mean that you should," York said to piss the elite off. And it did. The elite took his hand of the bars and roared, an ear splitting scream towards the heavens and raised his arms in anguish. He never heard such blasphemy in his entire life. The elite took the wooden bench in his cell and smashed it against the bars. He picked up a jagged piece of wood and attempted to slice at York, who tumbled backwards, startled.
      "Shit! Someone get the sedative!" he yelled at a marine to get the narcotic drug. The marine opened a black case, loaded the drug into the gun, and fired at Wkehu 'Drrana's neck. The elite felt a sharp sting in the side of his neck, stopped screaming, and greeted the familiar friend of unconsciousness.