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Halo Zero Part 10: The Final Part
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 16 March 2003, 5:05 PM

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10- The Beginning of the End

The middle of a Halo Zero field. It was red, red like the ground was when the Master Chief had returned to the Pillar of Autumn two years before. The Chief, the Captain and the Forerunner stood in the middle of it, just standing still.

"343 Guilty spark said we would have to overload Halo Zero to destroy it," said Cortana. "He would have wanted us to try... To destroy this planet! We have to overload it somehow!"

"How?" asked the Captain, looking down at the monitor. They all thought for a minute, then the Chief said one word.


"It is nearly finished forming!" yelled the Grunt. "Get to the Control Stations! Get READY!" The Hunter, the Grunt and the Elites ran up to the control board. In only fifteen minutes, the planet would have finished merging and be able to fire.

Marines all over the planet stopped their battles, as did the Covenant. They watched as the glow they had been seeing since the dust moved began to grow. They dropped their weapons, knowing of the impending doom. They said their last goodbyes and began to become friendly with the Covenant again. Soon it would be over, and they had to make ammends.

Meanwhile, in the field, the Master Chief stood alone. Large wires were attatched to his arms and head, coming from the Forerunner's Duel Rod Gun. They were all in a FTL dropship except the Chief and Cortana. They had sacrificed themselves to stop the weapon.

The Chief looked up and around the orange sky. He knew his life was coming to an end now, in the next few minutes. He thought back to his family, and his friends. Halsey. Captain Keyes. 343 Guilty Spark. They had all gone now. He was going be joining them soon.

"Ten minutes remaining Chief," said Cortana. The Chief nodded, a tear coming down his face underneath his helmet.

"Are you sure you are going to go through with this?" yelled down the Captain. The Chief looked up and nodded. "Then Master Chief! I salute you!" The Captain raised his arm and saluted the Chief. The Chief did the same.

"Hey, Captain! Catch!" yelled the Chief. He pulled out a small device and threw it up, the Captain catching it. "Plug it into 343 Guilty Spark when you get far enough away! A little present from me to you, for your help!" The Captain smiled.

Soon, the Chief said something only Cortana could here. "I'm unplugging you."

"What?" she cried.

"Once before, a good friend once said this war has enough dead heroes. You aren't going to be one of them."

The Chief took the chip from his helmet. "Captain!" He threw it up. The Captain grabbed it. "A good friend once told me that this war has enough dead heroes! Make sure this one doesn't die!"

"Chief! Truely you are a hero!" cried the Captain.

The Chief looked down at the floor. The glow stopped.

"Activate the planet!" screamed the Grunt.

The Master Chief stood there, looking at his shields. Suddenly, huge blasts of plasma travelled through the wires, into him and into the planet. The Chief's shields drained away. The planet erupted into flames as equipment failed. Parts of the land exploded, lava flying up. The world was in absolute chaos. The plasma was overloading it. The Chief looked sadly at his shields. They were empty, and block after block disappeared. They turned yellow. The plasma surged through his body. It failed him. The blocks turned red. He screamed as the pain got too much, as the planet began to explode around him.

"The planet isn't activating!" yelled the Grunt. The Hunter turned round when the room exploded into flames. Everything was going. As was the Master Chief.

He stood, screaming, swaying. He fell backwards to the floor and his shields went to nothing. He was engulfed in flames, and he blacked out.

The end wasn't quite over yet though. This was only the beginning. Something told Cortana that the Covenant hadn't finished the war quite yet...

The End?
I think not.

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