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Comments for 'Halo Zero Part 10: The Final Part'

7:23 am | March 19, 2003
I submitted the first part of A Forerunner Tale. It's called 'And So The Flood' and is about the creation of the first few Flood spores.
4:29 am | March 19, 2003
Good, now I don't have be sad.

Well, I've just submitted the first part of my first fanfic, CR.01: Chaotic Reign .01, which is a major mix of Halo with fantasy. And now, just a few seconds ago, I sent in the second part, CR.02: Chaotic reing .02. Once it gets posted (If it does) then judge it fairly!

3:31 pm | March 18, 2003
Wow thanks! And don't worry about the next series! It'll be just as good and longer! I've already started work, but before that I'm doing a five part series on the Forerunner, which ties in with Halo Zero.
8:53 pm | March 17, 2003
I liked that last part. I especially liked the fact that you aren't going to stop making the series, but yet continue it under a new title and slightly different subplot.

Halo Zero Part 10: The Final Part has gained a 10.0 out of a possible 10.0.

Wow, that's two 10's today...

12:06 pm | March 17, 2003
I really liked that series. Can't wait till the one with the building of halo and the flood. I'm also looking forward to Halo Zero 2.