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A Forerunner Tale Part 2: The Decision
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 29 March 2003, 7:47 AM

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Part 2- A Decision

"We have to do something about these creatures! They have permantly disabled Ou-Pa and destroyed our equipment! They must be destroyed!" yelled Mu-Knor, hitting the table.

"No no, we cannot destroy them! They must be kept, only for study. We cannot allow ourselves to remove all remains of this race, they could prove useful," said Kar-Kay.

"In what way? There cannot be one! These creatures are pure evil, they cannot be allowed to live!" cried a Forerunner in the stands.

"Quiet!" yelled the Head Forerunner. "We cannot argue like this. I have come to a decision. These creatures, the Flood Spores shall be allowed to live, but for experimentation purposes only! But, if anything goes drastically wrong, they will be destroyed!" This was directed at Kar-Kay, who was the Head of Experimentation. Kar-Kay nodded, and briskly walked out of the stands.

"Head Forerunner, you cannot be serious! These creatures have the potential of killing us, do you not know what happened to Ou-Pa?" asked a Forerunner in the stands. "They must be destroyed, or at least have containment procedures if they are let live!"

"And what, my friend, would you advise as a containment procedure?"

"Something that can contain these? You've gotta be crazy, nothing can contain these Spores!" cried Mu-Knor.

"Mu-Knor, calm down! I have an idea. These are called Sentinels. They will have Plasma Streaming Cannons attatched, so they will be able to kill the Flood!" said Tarko, a yellow Forerunner. He handed over a design sheet. "They will be fairly cheap and easy to create, and will cause no damage to the area around, just these parasitic creatures!"

Mu-Knor sighed. "Alright, fine. I'll get to work on designing the Sentinels. But tell the Head Forerunner that I think we should create something else to contain these beasts."

"A second ring, perhaps?" asked the Head Forerunner. Kar-Kay nodded quickly. "Yes, that does sound like quite a good idea. We could seal the Flood in it! Yes, it's brilliant! I'm so glad I thought of it. Kar-Kay, tell Control Management that I want them to get to work cloning this ring, and making something to put on the ring, to stop the Flood. Now go!" Kar-Kay grabbed up the sheet of paper he had been writing on and ran from the room, towards Control Management, to tell them of his idea.

As the years went by, the second ring began to develop nicely, with large underground tombs in which the Flood would be contained. The ring was put 50,000 light years from the other one, and named Installation 02. An atmosphere was generated and plant life began to grow, and water appeared.

Meanwhile, over one hundred years had passed on Installation 01, and Flood experiments had revealed they had evolutionary capabilitites, as well as a fairly vast intelligence and abilities to manipulate knowledge from potential hosts. The Sentinels had been perfected and large testing areas had been sealed off to see if the Sentinels could combat the Flood. They proved very good for the job. Kar-Kay began to test his new idea, which would be a keeper of the second ring, a monitor.

"Firing up practice monitor, Experiment 1, Ring 2, Test 1. Activate," said Kar-Kay. A Forerunner next to him pulled some levers. Through the glass in front of them, they saw a white chamber filling with smoke and steam. When it cleared, a small glowing orb appeared. "Let us kno something, would you be able to follow our commands?" The glowing orb floated around, not saying anything. Kar-Kay sighed. "Deactivate the experiment."

A few tries later, Kar-Kay managed to correctly create a monitor capable of following orders and talking. "Now then, Experiment 3, Ring 2, Test 3, would you be prepared to follow orders from us?"

"Yes!" cried the orb. It shown green and floated around, showing interest in the chamber.

"Okay then! We've got it! Kur-Ay, send the monitor to the transportation and teleportation room and tell a mechanic there to have him sent to Installation 02! I'm going to alert the Head Forerunner!" And with that, Kar-Kay went rushing out of the room, to tell the Head Forerunner of the new monitor, 323 Installation2 Monitor.

Coming in Part 3: The Outbreak
The Flood get out after a mass struggle to keep them under wraps
Life has begun to develop in nearer quandrants of space and the galaxy
The Forerunner decide there has to be a way of killing off the Flood that have been released.