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Comments for 'A Forerunner Tale Part 2: The Decision'

Parker Hunter Dylan and Sander
4:28 pm | August 23, 2003
we really liked the movie lilo and stich dylan thinks its the funniest movie on earth parker liked stich because he was rood to people
6:50 pm | June 1, 2003
okay, i'm not doing that then. anyways, there will not be another part of the Forerunner Tale stories, as my computer was reinstalled and i haven't got it anymore. but there should be a new Halo Zero soon though,
9:39 pm | April 6, 2003
(laughs for a solid hour and has to go to the ER) Don't post it! All that would do is spoil your reputation as a fanfiction writer. Revealing that you are a Lilo and Stich fan has already dented your reputation! (and seriously, how old are you?)
3:50 am | March 31, 2003
*holds back laugh* mrph! Are you fucking serious!?! AHAHAHA. How old are you?
Traumatised Marine
4:01 pm | March 30, 2003
What? With a disney character in the background somewhere?
2:47 pm | March 30, 2003
I'm a Lilo and Stitch fan. But it won't be like the movie, just more Halo destruction.
1:16 am | March 30, 2003
Tuh okay...h
4:07 pm | March 29, 2003
What? That sounds kind of, uh, abstract.
3:53 pm | March 29, 2003
This has been cut down to 4 parts instead of five, so I can begin on my next story which will be entitled:
Halo Meets 626: A Halo/Lilo and Stitch Crossover
3:45 pm | March 29, 2003
Good job once again. I like your approach of Halo actually being a second instalation. No complaints here.