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A Forerunner Tale Part 1: And So The Flood
Posted By: nicholas<nick.amb@tiscali.co.uk>
Date: 18 March 2003, 4:25 PM

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A Forerunner Tale

Part 1- And So the Flood

Millions of years ago, not sure exactly how many, but millions of years ago, the first race lived. This race were extremely advanced, even for our time. They were known as the Forerunners, and they had an interesting story to tell.

The Forerunner had only one planet. A ring world, which was later known as Installation 01. They called it Halo, and it had a large religious significance around it. Unfortunatly, the Forerunner were not able to reproduce at all, so they decided they should do something about this. However, compared to normal life of our time, the Forerunners had an extremely long lifetime, going up to several thousand years. So, they had a lot of time to experiment, and lots of time to work and play.

The Forerunner decided they would create clones of themselves. These could, in turn, go to a seperate planet and create more. So, they got to work. This story revolves around several Forerunner, Mu-Knor, Kar-Kay and Ou-Pa. Each Forerunner looked like a Covenant Hunter, with a human head, Sentinel parts, no Fuel Rod Gun, and odd Covenant parts, like skin of Elites, or shield technology of Jackals. Mu-Knor was yellow, Kar-Kay was green and Ou-Pa was red.

These three Forerunner, and some others, set up a giant control room on the ring world. It had a large hologram of the ring, and the sun nearby, Ground. This had large rooms coming off, with lots of electronic equipment and computers. These were the clone rooms.

Mu-Knor touched buttons on the computer. His hands were human and small, so they could be used well. On the screen in front of him was a large 3D drawing of a Forerunner. It rotated and parts kept disappearing and being changed slightly. Ou-Pa came up next to him and looked at the screen.

"I'll get the room ready," said the Forerunner. Ou-Pa walked off in the direction he had come from and pressed a button on the wall. A large part of the wall in front of Mu-Knor opened up and revealed a white room, sealed off from others. A small device stood in the middle and steam poured out, eventually clearing.

"Cloning process beginning!" yelled Mu-Knor. Ou-Pa ran up to the computer next to him and started hitting buttons. The device began to move, spraying out a yellowish-green liquid, and making a jelly-like noise. Smoke poured out and the room was blackened.

"Begin the cooling process!" said Mu-Knor. Ou-Pa pressed a blue button and turned a knob to the number 10. The smoke instantly disappeared and the blackened room turned white again. Ou-Pa pressed another button and an image of the clone appeared.

It was a small squid-like creature, about one foot in size, with lots of tentacles. It was yellow and made a revolting, squishy sound. Clearly not a clone of a Forerunner.

"Scanning for DNA information," said Ou-Pa. He pressed buttons, looking confused. Numbers flashed across the screen very quickly, ending with the number 1. The computer flashed with the words 'MATCH' in red letters. Ou-Pa looked at Mu-Knor with his eyebrows raised, and looked down again. "Computer, give me name briefing,"

"DNA correctly states name of creature as Flood Spore," said the computer's dull voice. Ou-Pa scratched his chin, then pressed some more buttons. "DNA matches that of Forerunner."

"Run those numbers up on the screen again computer," said Ou-Pa. The numbers appeared and he looked through them. "Match..."

"This Flood Spore isn't a match to us, it can't be!" cried Mu-Knor. "Send this to the testing bay and begin thorough tests. You know, where it originates, what it can do and it's lifestyle."

Ou-Pa nodded and pressed a button labelled 'Eject'. The Flood Spore's image disappeared as the room was blasted with air. Then wall closed again, to begin decontamination. Ou-Pa walked out of the room.

"You tried, Mu-Knor. You tried as hard as you could. Continue the research," he said. Mu-Knor nodded and began typing in digits and bringing up strands of DNA.

Ou-Pa walked into the Research Room. He opened the tube and the Flood Spore came out. It was frozen. Ou-Pa hit a button and more Flood Spores appeared in sealed off chambers. He wanted to make sure this one would die. He hit a button and the Flood Spore began moving, sounding like jelly.

"You're not like us, are you, little fella?" asked Ou-Pa. He held it up to his face to have a look. It jumped at him. He thrashed his arms wildly as it engulfed his face and bit into him. He tried to scream but it muffled him. He grabbed at the Flood Spore, but his hands weren't strong enough to remove it, and he went falling over tables. He crashed to the ground, still trying to get rid of the Flood Spore, slowly suffocating. Suddenly, he felt warm. Blood. He thrashed more wildly, but it latched on stronger, and it's tentacles cut into him. He screamed as blood trickled down his throat, and into his stomach. It bubbled in his windpipe and he couldn't breathe. He made one last smash at the Flood Spore. He hit it's tail, causing it to let go, and be sent flying across the room, exploding in a small puff as it hit the wall. Ou-Pa got up and coughed, blood pouring out of his throat, and head. But he collapsed again and hit the ground. His eyes rolled to the back of his head and he stopped breathing.

And this was the beginning of the most powerful and adaptive warrior ever... The Flood...

Coming in Part 2- A Decision:
The Forerunner decide what to do with the faulty clones
The first new installation is built and the first monitor is activated
Plans for weapons to combat the Flood begin