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Comments for 'A Forerunner Tale Part 1: And So The Flood'

2:04 am | April 3, 2003
Also, I said that this one was good! A B! I give D+s most the time! I told you to go nuts and to invent your own culture! Damn it.. I gave a nice post here! At least you didn't anonymous attack my fanfics.
2:00 am | April 3, 2003
Oh, looks like this is where I pissed you off... Well, looks like I have served my purpose. Somewhere in here I am sure that I posted some comment where I explained just why I am so mean.. I try to make enemies so they will try to do exactly what you jsut did. Find nitpicks. Thanks.
3:54 pm | March 29, 2003
Yea, we have no idea what they look like, and in my story, they evolve into humans and Covenant. ie, they'll have human AND Covenant parts! duh!
I agree with Locke, they haven't told us what they look like, so we can decide. After all, is it so wrong if we don't know and someone describes them?
Dispraiser, stop finding nit-picks, that's just dumb. I'll go look at your fanfics and find horrible gritty nit-picks and see what u say then.
3:51 pm | March 29, 2003
By the way, notice how in my Forerunner series I never explained what the Forerunner really looked like or who they were, I just described their armor and weapons....
3:45 pm | March 29, 2003
Oh what the heck, thats what they said on MY Forerunner series. People shouldn't prejudice stories about the Forerunner because they actually give writers more space to work with, scince we don't know anything about them!
By the way, good fanfic. I must admit I like your Forerunner a little better than mine.
3:44 am | March 25, 2003
Smae here. I forgot to add my little thing I post at every forerunner story... YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THEY ARE!!! Bungie decides that and until they doyou are taking random pot shots at the truth. They could be people for all you know, or covies! Or they could be the flood or something...
1:39 am | March 24, 2003
For some reason I don't think your Forerunner story is the same Bungie will use...
8:35 pm | March 23, 2003
The second part is more [how to describe it...] arguementative. There's a lot more stuff going on, as well as arguements about what to do. It should be finished soon, it's nearly done now.
3:18 pm | March 23, 2003
This is only a short thing to give me a break from Halo Zero, so it won't really matter how the series goes.
8:21 pm | March 22, 2003
Bad openeing paragraph, a little illiterate, but the rest is nice. Very believable dialogue in that it reflects the mood of the situation, but hardly an original concept in regards to the forerunner. Also, the forerunner, which we are not sure are humans or anything like that seem to use very modern slang at times. Not stuff like G-dog and Wazzup! I have only seen a few fanfics do that... But their overall figure. If you look at the ancient stuff like Romeo and Juliett or any of the good medieval movies yousee that the language is different. The insults reach their peak at biting your thumb at them, and you have almost learned a new language. The forerunner need to have some sociatal qirks like that... Do more with making a forerunner culture in part two and it will be prefect. B