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Halo Zero 2 /p8/ Medula's War
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btopenworld.com>
Date: 25 July 2003, 8:52 PM

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8: Medula's War

"Argh! Don't kill me! Captain Zenith, come in! Come in, Captain Zen-" screamed Private Sammy. His voice cut out as a Brute threw him onto a pile of rubble. His back snapped and blood poured from his mouth and cut neck. Private Davey rushed over. He looked at Sammy's dead body and picked up a metal bar next to his arm.

"That's it! You're going down!" shouted Private Davey. He looked up at the Brute and swung the bar like a baseball bat. The Brute grunted as it hit him, and Private Davey laughed. "Yeah, you want some of thisssssssssss-" As he said his last word, the Brute punched him from the side, throwing him through the air and into a nearby skyscraper. The area which Davey hit smashed and broke apart, causing the skyscraper to totter on it's spot. The Brute roared and picked up the discarded Sniper Rifles and snapped them in half.

"Captain Zenith! This is not fun!" yelled Medula II through the intercom. She was moving through Nwe Quarta, but the Brutes there were not easy to beat.

"When I sent you out here, I didn't say it wasn't going to be easy or fun!" came Zenith's reply.

"You didn't say anything!" cried Medula as she threw a grenade at a nearby Brute, sending his corpse into a window nearby.

"Okay, Medula? We have a new weapon called an ION I Rifle! We'll be sending 343 Guilty Spark over to your position soon, and he will give you the weapon. Now, this weapon, if it hits a target, will initialize the ION Cannon we have circling the planet. A nuclear missile will home onto the target you hit and destroy them! Now just remember, be careful with this weapon! If it get's into the wrong hands, Nwe Quarta, as well as the whole of Nuuth, is lost!"

"Great," said Medula to herself. "I get thrown into a war, and I have a weapon which, in the wrong hands, can destroy this planet... Now I know how John felt!"

With Sniper Position 03 now gone, the other soldiers at the other positions were feeling uneasy. Sniper Position 06 was feeling lucky though....

"Captain Zenith, this is Private Mitch, of Sniper Position 06, with partner Private Woodman, of the same position," said Private Mitch. "We've lost all contact with Sniper Position 03. Private Davey and Private Sammy are no longer with us, due to an unfortunate attack,"

There was a slight pause. "Okay," said Captain Zenith calmly. "Okay, right, it's up to you what to do now. You can fight, or grab Warthog and get yourselves along to Pau Matar, where we'll set you up for something else. I'll send the message to the other Sniper Positions. No doubt Private Rick will want to hear about this..."

Private Mitch and Private Woodman looked at each other for a few seconds, then said at the same time: "We're staying!"

Straight away, the two got to picking off defenseless Brutes, which did not have the relic to protect themselves. After about ten minutes, Woodman looked up.

"What the hell is that?"

"Captain Zenith, we've had four hundred casaulties and fifty deaths! You have to cancel this war and let them win!" said Doctor Tiyuki. "You are letting all these innocent people die! How could you do such a thing?"

"Look Tiyuki, we have no choice!" cried Zenith. "We either end it now, or die trying!"

"Oh yes, and how are we going to end an endless race of alien scum? We'll end first, I know we will!"

"You may think that, but we will prevail if we believe!" cried Zenith.

"Oh yes? You think that, do you? Well, we believed we'd win on Reach. But everyone there died. I was lucky to escape to Nuuth. I was lucky to keep my life when others died. I don't want that to happen again," said Tiyuki. Zenith looked at him.

He took a deep breath. "Well I'm afraid, I cannot promise what you are asking of me. Good day," he said. Tiyuki looked at him and turned then left the room. Zenith sat silently, when suddenly, an SOS came in.

"This is Captain Zenith, what is it?"

"Sir? I'm... In a lot of trouble... Help me?" came Medula's pleaing voice.

"I'll send an evac right now!"

Over at Medula's position, things were looking bad. She was surrounded by at least 10 Brutes, all with rocket launchers they had picked up from somewhere. Medula looked on very afraid.

Suddenly, 343 Guilty Spark whizzed up next to her. "Hello Medula II!" he cried. Medula II looked around then up at 343. "Oh, right," A small looking gun appeared in Medula's hands. She looked at it happily.

"Say au revoir, Brutes!" she yelled and fired a small ball of light onto a nearby Brute. It hit, but the Brute chuckled at the useless attack. "Now!" cried Medula. A camo pick-up appeared on her, so she picked it up, causing her to become invisible. While the Brutes were confused, she ran away, 343 Guilty Spark floating high above her, tracking her every move.

"That thing is the ION Cannon I worked on in college..." said Mitch. Woodman and Mitch were looking at a large satellite with a huge cannon attatched. "I didn't think Captain Zenith would accept it, I didn't even know if it would work!"

"But wait a second... If it's up there, does that mean someone is about to use it?" asked Woodman. They were both free to look up now, the Brutes were pretty much all gone except forces more inside the city.

"Let me see," said Mitch. He grabbed the Sniper Rifle and propped it up. Using the twisted scope he had, he looked into it and saw the ION Cannon. "I think it's not being used..." Suddenly, the ION Cannon's red light turned green. It swivelled slightly, aimed the cannon a bit, then suddenly... A huge explosion ripped through the air as a nuclear missile shot towards the Brute which had been targetted. "Uh-oh..."

"What is it?" asked Woodman. Mitch held up a hand.

"This is bad!" He swivelled his Sniper Rifle downwards and looked at where the missile was headed. And going straight towards the collision point was a dropship. A human dropship, ready to evac Medula II. Mitch turned to face Woodman. "There's a dropship headed towards where the missile will impact! Everyone on board will die!"

Tiyuki sat on a chair in his office. "That's it!" he muttered. "I'm doing something about Zenith," He reached into his pocket and pulled out a glinting pistol. He held it gently in his hands and walked out of the room.

"Captain Zenith, I need to talk to you!" said Tiyuki from behind the door.

"Come in," said Zenith. Tiyuki held the gun behind his back and pushed the door open.

"I wanted to say- THIS!" he yelled. He pulled out his gun and fired a single shot right at Captain Zenith, hitting him in the chest. Zenith grabbed his chest, a look of shock on his face, and collapsed onto the desk he was sitting at.

"The nuclear missile s going to hit in minutes!" cried Mitch. He was at his laptop, attempting to hack into the systems and reroute where the missile was headed. He entered the username and password and logged into the ION Cannon network.

"Hurry up!" cried Woodman.

"I'm trying, I'm trying!" replied Mitch. He was panicking, but was still doing everything right on the computer. He hit buttons and clicked things, as the timer on his screen counting until the impact grew less and less. He hit another button and found himself at the missile's information. "I'm here!"

"Reroute it, quick! There's only a minute and 30 seconds left!" cried Woodman.

"Don't you think I know that?" Mitch cried. He typed in the password for the missile and entered it's homing system. The co-ordinates were set to the Brute. "Come on, come on..." He hit buttons quickly. Hacking into the system was hard... He hit the letter Y and it entered! He opened the co-rodinate editor and tried to find which one was the one he needed, but there were too many.

"10 seconds left!" cried Woodman. Mitch found what he thought was right, hit enter and typed in about 20 numbers. "5!" Mitch bit his lip, pressed one more button and hit enter. The timer hit 00:00 and a huge explosion was heard again. Mitch looked through the Sniper Rifle. "Well?"

He paused. "It hit the dropship... It's gone."

Next time in Halo Zero 2:
Is Zenith dead?
What happened to Medula, after failing to destroy the Brutes, but hitting her evac dropship instead?
And will the Master Chief be able to rejoin the war?
Find out in part 9 of Halo Zero 2! Coming soon!

from the editor:
I would just like to let you all know, Halo Zero 2 will be coming to you more often now, and in one part each time, instead of two. It will also have longer parts than before, and will also be running for a lot longer than Halo Zero, which had 10 parts. Hopefully Halo Zero 2 will have about 25 parts to it, and be finished by September. Thanks for reading guys, look forwards to part 9!