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Comments for 'Halo Zero 2 /p8/ Medula's War'

4:52 pm | November 1, 2003
This won't be continuing for a LONG time, IF it does... Soz folks. My Fan Fic writing days are up.
9:27 am | August 10, 2003
Don't expect part 9 for a while, I'm working on a project that is taking up a lot of my time.
7:15 am | July 28, 2003
No, there's ION guns off loads of games. I actually borrowed it from Unreal Championship.

It's called an ION I because it means ION Initializer, so it begins the ION Cannon.
Alpha Lance
8:58 pm | July 27, 2003
Isn't the ION gun off of Brute Force the game???
1:14 pm | July 27, 2003
Thanks. But the parts are going to be twice as long, about the length of that one. They'll be a gap between each part.
12:23 pm | July 27, 2003
Cool, can't wait for the rest.