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Halo Zero /p3/ Sniper Position 07
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btinternet.com>
Date: 23 June 2003, 12:34 PM

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3: Sniper Position 07

The Chief sat down as the Elite decided to put off his fate a long as possible. "Talk," said the Chief. The Elite grimaced, knowing he was betraying his fellow Covenant, and would surely be destroyed by the Prophets for this. But he would talk.
"It was long ago, on planet Covenant. We Elites were peaceful with other planets, and we did not think of war, or harming others. We had no powerful enough weapons to use in a war anyway! But then, then the Prophets came. They had highly sophisticated weapons, and launched a war against us. But they had mind powers too, and our only weapons, the Needlers got fired back at us!" The Elite talked quickly. "They took over our planet and made us all slaves, and we had to work for them."

On the top of a warehouse in Nwe Quarta, two Snipers looked up. The first Sniper, Private Sanders, shot up one bullet, and a Phantom crashed to the ground and exploded, ripping holes in everything. The other Sniper, Private Thomson, shot at a Ghost making towards the spilling stash of human weapons.
"Private Thomson, this is Private Chuck, do you read me? Over," came a voice from a cummicator.
"We read you loud and clear Chuck, proceed. Over," replied Thomson, taking out a Covenant Bus on the move.
"We are in dire need of reinforcements down here. The Covenant are killing our men, because they've been able to steal all of our high power weapons! Rocket Launchers, War Rifles, Dual Pistols, the lot! Over," came the voice again.
"We'll contact the head office and get reinforcements over as soon as possible. Over and out."
Thomson hit the button to switch over to call the head office. A voice came through. "This is Nick, of the head office, proceed."
"Hello sir. This is Private Thomson of Sniper Position 07. Ground forces are in dire need of reinforcements," Thomson said, not taking his eyes off the Sniper Rifle.
"How many is the request?"
"How about two hundreds?"
"I'll ready them now. They'll be over in twenty Pelicans. Best keep an eye on Covenant air troops, don't want any dropships being taken out before they hit the ground! Nick out," Private Thomson radioed over to Private Chuck again.
"Private Chuck, this is Private Thomson of Sniper Position 07. Reinforcements are one the way. Thomson out," he said coolly, taking out another Covenant Bus as he spoke.

"After the Prophets had given us highly powered weapons, they told us to find other planets, and to get their creatures to join us. They would not tell us why, and they said if we did not do it, they would kill us. So, we jetted off to far reaches of the galaxy, to find creatures.
"Then we found the Jackals. They were good for weilding weapons. We brought a few hundred to our planet, along with millions of frozen young and eggs. The Prophets told us we had done quite well. However, the Jackals were unable to fight well enough, as their body was weak and they could be killed easily by melee attacks. So, the Prophets gave them shields, plasma ones. These were excellent and defending attacks, and especially those with high powered Sniper Rifles, as we found out last year on Halo Zero."
The Chief listened to all this, taking it in. He didn't speak a word, but became unaware of the fact that he was needed on the ground.

"Sir, after an extensive search, we have been unable to locate Spartan John-117, the Master Chief. We have reason to believe he may have been destroyed in the chase earlier, in which a Phantom pursued him to the upper atmosphere," said Private Sanders. Thomson had taken care of the air forces and they had called in a third Sniper, Private Smith, to control ground forces. Sanders had been searching for the Chief.
"That's great... Look, the reinforcements are almost there. Maybe they'll find him. Nick out," came the voice. Private Thomson nudged Smith, and he left, and Sanders began to attack more targets.

On the ground it was like a nightmare! The huge city, was now in ruins, flaming, blackened, scorched, and ripped apart. Covenant forces were here and there, but there were less and less now. This was mainly because all the ships getting blown out of the sky were landing on troops, crushing them, and annihalating the ones which tried to run, but got caught in the explosion from the nuclear engines.
Suddenly, Private Chuck's attention was drawn upwards. "Oh no..." The Elites were arriving.

"Sniper Position 07, this is Private Chuck of the ground forces. There are a huge wave of Elites on their way to our area of the city, we're going to need additional Sniper support. We're low on air support too!" came Chuck's voice in the speaker.
"This is Private Thomson of Sniper Position 07. We can get three more snipers over here now, and many some more if we have a chance."
"That will do. Chuck out."
The pods hit the ground and ripped open. One hundred Elites came out, moving towards Chuck's troops, which was bad; he only had twenty people left.

"Later we began the attack on you, hoping to find your planet," said the Elite.
"But why did you attack us?" asked the Chief.
"There are supreme relics in the mountains of ice on this planet. Powerful enough to destroy any planet in seconds! We ae searching for them!"

"Sanders! I've found the Chief! He's on a Phantom in the lower atmosphere! And... an Elite is harassing him!" cried Private Thomson, aiming his Sniper Rifle upwards.
"Take him out!"

The Elite opened his mouth to speak. A bang filled the air. The Elite feel, a long smoke trail off of something. The Sniper Rifle bulleted ripped open and fell in pieces on the top of the Phantom. The Chief looked at the Elite and got up. He hadn't found out what it was... What the Covenant armada had wanted...