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Comments for 'Halo Zero /p3/ Sniper Position 07'

6:18 pm | July 5, 2003
part 4 and part 5 have been sent it! present for making you wait!
4:26 pm | July 5, 2003
Sorry part 4 is taking so long, I just submitted it tho.

By the way, readers of my first series, Halo Zero will know it was a ten part series, and Halo Zero 2 was also going to be ten parts long. Well, that's changed, the story will keep on going for a while, probably until about twenty parts [yep, that's a long story] and will probably end sometime in August.

Expect Halo Zero 3 this September.
4:46 am | June 25, 2003
Hey, thanks! The next part will have something happening that is potentially dangerous to Nuuth's survival.
Lt. Scott
2:24 am | June 25, 2003
Awsome last move when Thomson took down the Elite all the way from down there!
7:24 pm | June 24, 2003
Wado lives. As for if he's around... I don't know. I see him on MSN all the time.
6:57 pm | June 24, 2003
el_halo_diablo! Nice to see you!

Well, I actually suffered a writer's block, that's why I stopped adding Fan Fics. But it's lifted and I'm ready. And, as I did promise to make Halo Zero 2, I decided not to back out, and am now planning a Halo Zero 3!
It'll be a shame to see you go el_halo_diablo. Still, maybe you could stay just to read the fanfics. I remember you posting about my first fanfic. =]
5:22 pm | June 24, 2003
Great job nicholas, it's nice to see people on fan fiction haven't lost their touch.

To anyone who still remembers me:

Unlike these new writers, I have lost my touch for fan fiction, and gave it up for flash animation. I will, tho, finish part 3 of my interactive fan fic before I leave this place for good. I don't wanna set any dates soon, so just expect it on my one year anniversary on HBO(mid July I do believe).

Anyone know if Wado's still around?
6:14 pm | June 23, 2003
Okay, what I can say here now is this:
This part wasn't very good, there was a lot of explaining. But rest assured, there was a reason. It has set up the rest of the series now. And this part, though almost impossible to see, gave clues as to what the Chief would do, and opened a window to the Covenant world and the coming doom that will be returning in Halo Zero 3 [yes, it's in the planning stage]. Also, what was happening on the ground was also needed for the next part.

Parts coming soon:
part 4: An Old Friend
part ?: Brute Force