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Halo Zero 2 /p1/ Attack on Nuuth
Posted By: nicholas<nick.ambrose@btinternet.com>
Date: 18 June 2003, 6:58 AM

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1: Attack on Nuuth

You may remember, several months ago, a series of stories, Halo Zero plagued HBO. We promised a sequel in the next few weeks. It never came. But now, after what must be at least 3 months, Halo Zero 2 is on it's way. Those of you who haven't read the previous series, you should read them. If you can't be bothered to find out, I'll cut a long story short. Halo Zero become a real planet, and the Covenant were using it to destroy the universe. However, the Chief, with the help of the last remaining Forerunner, blew up the planet, just as he was killed. Well. It seemed that way...

It a small hospital on planet Nuuth, the Chief layed in a cryo tube. His life support systems had crashed a year ago, when he destroyed Halo Zero. Luckily, his body was pulled to safety as the Longsword left the planet, taking him with it. Captain Zenith, who had supervised the trip to Halo Zero, immediatly got the Chief into a hospital bay, to stop him from being destroyed. He somehow knew the Covenant weren't finished with the humans yet.
Suddenly, the Chief's visor flashed orange. Captain Zenith who was currently in the room, spun round and looked at the Chief. A series to buxxes came from his body. The visor turned black again. The Captain sighed and plugged a chip into the computer in the room. A hologram of a woman appeared. Cortana.
"Yes Captain?" asked Cortana. She glanced over to the Chief, then back to Captain Zenith.
"I'm afraid the Master Chief may not make it through. We've been trying a year, maybe we ought to power him down. After all, we can surely make more Spartans, right?" said Zenith.
"It is not recommended. You see, the planet the Spartans were developed on, Reach, was destroyed three years ago, in 2552, remember? To get the kind of equipment they had, well, that would take years! Plus, I don't think we should turn the Chief off just yet... Look," Cortana pointed to the Chief, smiling. His visor was orange and he was sitting up, looking at Zenith.
"Miss me?" he asked.

A red light flashed as people ran all over the space station. Transmissions were coming in from all over the planet as a huge armada of purple and red craft slowly moved towards Nuuth.
"Captain Zenith!" screamed a marine down the speaker. He was panicky. And this was not surprising- a huge Covenant armada were on their way to Earth! "Captain Zenith, Sir!"
"Yes Marine?" replied Captain Zenith.
"A huge armada of purple and red ships are flying on a collision course with Earth! They are bearing the Covenant symbol!"
"Please, calm down! Now, tell me, what is the approximate time the first contact will happen?"
"In about six hours, Sir!"
"Okay! Remain calm. Set the space station to evasive and defensive mode. Send your marines to the gunner turrets, and get the armour certified troops to take some CRAZEs! I'll send reinforcements! Captain Zenith out."
Captain Zenith sat in his seat. Then, he pressed a button for a speaker. "Master Chief!" he called.

The Master Chief stood in the space station, in the docking bay. The Covenant troops were only ten minutes away at most. Armed with some plasma grenades and a Battle Rifle, he was ready.
"Chief, this'll be your first combat since what happened on Halo Zero! Are you sure you're ready?" asked Cortana. He voice was full of concern.
"I'm ready," he said coolly. "I won't mess this up."
He stood for a few seconds longer, when the side of the docking bay ripped open. Ships poured inwards, but these were only small, like Banshees and Covenant Buses. Out of the smaller vehicles came Brutes, Elites, Jackals, Grunts. A Covenant Bus nearby shone blue, then exploded as two Hunters came bolting out. The marines immediatly opened fire, with the Covenant firing back.
The Chief doubled back, leading some Brutes and Elites round the edge of the docking bay, to some doors and tunnels leading to other areas. The Elites roared, as did the Brutes. The Chief turned around and sent out a burst of fire at the Elites. The Brutes moved towards the Chief, put he lobbed a plasma grenade and stuck it to his head. The Chief ducked as a wave of Brute and Elite bodies crashed over his head, hitting walls, dropping weapons all over the place.
The Chief span round, as an Elite activated it's sword. It roared at him and swung it's sword, hitting the Chief's hand, causing him to loose his Battle Rifle. The Elite stepped forwards, and the Master Chief began to step back. Without a weapon, he would be pretty much doomed.
As he stepped back further, something on the ground caught his eye. He looked down. An Elite Sword! It was still in it's little glowing canister, which meant the Elite hadn't activated it when it got blown to pieces. Maybe, just maybe there was a chance the Master CHief could use it.
The Elite swung his sword. The Chief ducked, and grabbed the Elite Sword on the floor. He hit a switch and it activated, a sky blue colour. A smile crept onto his face under his visor. The sword swung from the Elite again, but this time the Chief fought back, hitting it. A huge flash of green light appeared beneath the sword on the Elite's hand. The Elite looked down and roared.
The Chief grabbed this moment and swung his sword down. The Elite's hand and sword came crashing the to floor, charred. The sword shattered as it hit the ground, followed closely by the Elite, who had been killed almost instantly.
The Chief walked backwards and looked at his blackened Battle Rifle. It couldn't be used now.
As he turned back to head to the docking bay, the wall next to him caved in. A huge pile of rubble was where the Chief had been. A Grunt hopped out of the ship attatched to the wall and looked at the pile, a plasma gun in his hand. All that could be seen was a green hand.
However, when the Grunt spoke, the Chief heard the Grunt translator kick in. He wasn't dead! Under the rubble, he had limited moving space, so, using his right hand, he felt for the Elite Sword.
"Damn!" he whispered. The sword had shattered, and he had no weapon again, and no hopes of blasting his way out. "Cortana! Cortana, I need help!"
"Working on a way to escape, Chief," he heard her voice say. "I'm going to bypass all the power from your shields and transfer them to your strength. When I say, push upwards... Now!" The Chief pushed upwards and jumped up, back out into the open. The Grunt there shrieked in panic, and probably pain; a piece of metal had hit his face.
"Bye bye, Grunt!" yelled the Chief and landed a melee attack straight on the Grunt's nose. Dead.
"Now, get to the docking bay! The marines need some help!" yelled Cortana. The Chief nodded and picked up the Needler which the Grunt had dropped. He sprinted into the docking bay.
He stopped dead in his tracks. The docking bay was empty, all that was left were destroyed vehicles and machinary. Littered over the floor were human weapons and a few Covenant weapons. Blood spattered on the floor, all up the walls. Human bodies were scattered all over the floor, as well as Covenant bodies. However, where were the Hunters?
A clanking sound was heard behind the Chief. A light flickered. The Chief switched to a plasma grenade. More clanks. The Chief turned round and saw a flash of metal, before being hit in the head by a Hunter. Cortana hadn't turned the shields back on! He went flying through the busted wall, straight out into space, and shooting down towards Nuuth. Things did not look good...