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Comments for 'Halo Zero 2 /p1/ Attack on Nuuth'

5:38 am | June 20, 2003
Also, I sent it part 2, which is slightly shorter. I'm working on the third part.
5:36 am | June 20, 2003
Yay! A welcoming commitee!
And this time, I'm back to stay, I'm not gonna disappear! Halo Zero 2 will be finished [my last story A Forerunner Tale wasn't] and then there'll be many more stories and then even more. Then more. Then more. And it'll go on and on until... the end.
4:06 am | June 20, 2003
Good to see ya back, bud. good work.
9:59 pm | June 19, 2003
Muuey Bueno 9/10 =)
4:21 pm | June 19, 2003
thanks. part two is on it's way. more action packed goodness!
Wiley K.
3:32 pm | June 19, 2003
Cool, 9/10