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personal data diary 10.10.219303.07
Posted By: Myndreach<myndreach@hotmail.com>
Date: 22 January 2000, 6:34 p.m.

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today we met another group of marines...the twelve of them are on their way back to Base Station Seven...we picked them up on our comm system this morning and met with them by 1100 by the side of a gorgious lake...the water sparkled in the brilliant sunlight, and having not seen the Covenant for a number of days almost made me forget where i was, on this battleground...the beauty of this place deceives me, and also leads me to belief even more that this place is artificially made, i mean, if i was making an artificial world, i would make it incredibly beautiful as well...the other marines had run into some covenant the other day, and were able to overcome and destroy them with minimal loss...despite our small numbers and inferior technology, us humans have mastered the art of guerilla warfare, an advantage we must cultivate and use to the utmost, as it is our only one...they were able to ambush a small group of covenant and steal their energy weapons, one jumped in one of their ariel scout ships, but the marines were able to blast it to pieces with a surface to air missle before it escaped...this is unfortunate as that vehicle would have been useful to us...one of the marines in the group we met was major robinson, a fellow of mine from the academy, and fellow member in The Order of the Sword, a group consisting of the top one percent of the graduates each year from the academy...we were the only two that year out of two hundred and six graduates...we wear the ensignia on our armor so all will know that we are the best of the best...the Order descends from a long tradition dating back as far as the middle ages in europe...when a knight was incredibly grateful and loyal to their commander, he would give the commander his sword and go have a new one made, they lived and died by their sword, so this was an incredible honor for an knight to bestow upon his leader...this tradition carried on throughout the ages and eventually evolved into it's current form...back on earth they have a sword in a museum at the academy that was given to one of the generals of the twentieth century...our order is one comprised of the best of the best, as i said before, and we hold membership as a privelage and will give no thought to dying for our brothers in arms...especially those who are members in The Order of the Sword...