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The Enemy Within-Chapter Three: New Hopes
Posted By: Mind_Affecting_Parasite<pbplayer_24@yahoo.com>
Date: 20 February 2004, 1:49 AM

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       Sergeant Lance Ferring starred blankly into the air in front of him. Looking upon the dimly lit walls, glowing a ghostly blue. Three others slept around him on the cold floor, and two others stood guard by the door to the adjacent room, sitting by an unyielding door. They had been trapped there for days, weeks maybe, Lance wasn't sure. All he knew was that they couldn't get out, and would soon run out of food. The lack of food wasn't what terrified the Sergeant, the possibility of become something's snack was what worried him. He would have taken his squad out long ago if he wasn't aware of what waited for him: the Flood.
       He had seen what they did to humans and Covenant alike, and it was far from pretty. Mutated corpses waited for them on the other side of the double sealed doors. The hellish red glow the lock lights emitted were no comfort, however. Activity lately had gotten busier. Something could be heard moving everyday, and not just once a day either. Just a few hours ago, Samantha Jones, a member of the squad, swore she heard Covenant voices outside the entrance to the chambers they now called home. Distant as they sounded, it was still something. That was before the second doors had been shut though, two hours ago. A bashing of the outer doors had been the cause.
       "No! No! Stay back!" a sleeping soldier screamed, before waking to a sweat drenched face, and nothing but a few chemical lights to lay eyes on.
       "It's alright Private, we're safe," assured the Sergeant, lieing to himself and the young marine. "Go back to sleep."
       "I can't Sarge," the young man replied shaking the newly introduced adrenalin from his system. "I don't want to see them again."
       Lance wished he could be asleep, but he was afraid of what he would find there as well. He wished he would have just tried to get back to Alpha Base those few days ago, but no. He had made the decision to back into some ancient structure to gain refuge from the tide of hideous monstrosities. He had been wrong. Soon after pulling his men and women down a few levels into the claustrophobic tunnels, the flood ambushed them from nowhere. Fifth squad was overcome by the beasts, and Sergeant Ferring had pulled his squad even farther down into Halo's tunnels, into a catacomb of maze-like passageways that seemed to run through the entire ring in every direction. That was how he had ended up where he was. They had come upon an undamaged potion of tunnels and settled down into their current location.
       "Pat," addressed Lance.
       "Sir?" answered Corporal Patrick Carter from one of the corners by the door.
       "Get your ass some sleep," said the Sergeant groggily. "Private, take guard duty."
       "Yes sir," answered Patrick standing to walk over to Private James Daniels and offering his old training buddy a hand.
       James looked up at the shadowy face of his friend and took his hand. "Have fun," encouraged Patrick with a characteristic smile, outlined in the dark, before pulling himself into his teammates sleeping bag, soon falling into a light slumber.
       Lance again dove into his thoughts. About the situation, and what he would do when they ran out of food. He might try to reach the surface, but he wasn't sure he could. After the explosion, a rolling thunder and flash of heat, he had tried to go back but found his progress impeaded. A door had been melted shut, fused by some enormous heat on the other side. The Sergeant wouldn't get out that way. As he pondered further he finally found his lack of sleep and was pulled into a deep sleep.

       Reigando paced uneasily, waiting to hear back from the secondary search teams. He had always been called to persistent and had been teased for caring for others to much, but he couldn't just leave anyone behind for the Flood to ravage. The Impending Incursion remained attached to the slowly rotating section of ring originally designated to be explored. The second round of search teams were sent one unit ago, but they were sent in at different location, more towards the inside of the rings original build. Their purpose was to locate any surviving troops, and gain a communications link with any surviving members of the original teams. So far there was only silence over the communications system. Until now.
       Reigando's nervous walk was slowed by the incoming transmission. All incoming transmissions from teams in the ring were to be marked high priority. This message was no different.
       "Master," came the high pitched voice of Dwegol, a Grunt.
       "Where is your Squad Master?" commanded Reigando, even he didn't have much of a liking for the diminutive species.
       "He is not with us at the moment Excellency," the Grunt replied.
       Reigando hoped another attack was about to happen, he had lost to many good soldiers already during the day. "Why?" he questioned authoritatively.
       "Do not worry, he is simply investigating a couple of closed doors, he will not be long."
       Dread filled Reigando's senses, he knew that many things could lurk behind closed doors upon Halo.