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Comments for 'The Enemy Within-Chapter Three: New Hopes'

3:21 pm | May 15, 2004
Sweetness!!! Your descriptiveness nearly made me whip around and cry for fear of one of those creepy flood mongrels about to leap at me! By the way is it normal to have tentacle for a hand?

Dammit Jenkins Fire Your Weapon!!!
7:19 pm | April 10, 2004
More randomly spawned visits to past storys's comments.
This title was the first of a style I call "foreshadowing", but you are prob. familiar with this term. I like to use titles this way. As "New Hopes" refered partly to Chap 3, it also referred to events to come.
(Hint: Take a good look at the series title. You might be able to find more than one meaning.)

5:59 pm | February 24, 2004
Thanks guys. Having comments on my stories really helps push me to write more. Even if they're bad. Tell be if you find any problems or flaws so I can fix them, and I'll try to do the same for your stories.

MC's Cousin
9:33 pm | February 23, 2004
Good on the eyes. You seem to have the flow thing worked out fairly well. You have a few spelling errors but hey. The one big thing is that it was too short again. And one more thing: how did a group of Marines stay alive in a sealed chamber for that long?

Signing Off

3:20 am | February 23, 2004
Very nice. Your descriptions of the Covenant and Flood are dead on and the story itself has an eriee quality to it that makes it fun to read. Good work.
1:25 am | February 23, 2004
I find this stroy interesting I as do with all well written flood based stories.
CoLd BlooDed
11:57 pm | February 22, 2004
Good, I'm impressed, and it seems that we are both writing a series based on the Flood, hmm? ;)

Cool, but I suggest that you make your stories a little longer, I like the dialogue and descriptions and am waiting for the next.