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The Enemy Within-Chapter Two: A Trap Triggered
Posted By: Mind_Affecting_Parasite<pbplayer_24@yahoo.com>
Date: 18 February 2004, 4:20 PM

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      Erus Uilomee's eyes jerked from one shadow to the next. He wasn't yet afraid, but he was worried. He and his fellow Elites were almost half way back to the ship. Having to crawl through these tunnels was unnerving. Unknown dangers could be lurking around the next bend. Uilomee wished he had never joined this team to search the remains of the ring. He had witnessed two of his fellow teammates consumed by a hoard of the Flood. The fact that these beasts still remained was not good. Now he and his fellow Elites had the unpleasant task of making it back to the ship to warn the others.
      From the looks of the two other Elites, they felt the same way. A muscle twitch here, the clicking of a mandible at other times, they were all becoming increasingly wary. The group came upon a closed door, the lights on it glowing red. The beams of the trio's lights danced across the walls, looking for a way through, or what could be waiting for them if they went back.
      "What was that?" exclaimed Kial Niasomee, the lowest ranking in the team.
      "What was what," asked the Squad Master.
      "I heard something behind us," Niasomee replied. "Something is with us in here."
      The other two's faces displayed their now present fear, they knew the Flood had a tendency to come from nowhere. The Squad Master ran his fingers over the door, trying to find a possible way through. He turned back down the hall, and turned his light to the maximum setting. Nothing.
      "This is where we gain permission from the Ship Master to continue on," commented Uilomee, the memory flashing into his mind. "Perhaps we could now gain contact."
      "A welcome possibility," responded the Squad Master.
      He activated his communication device. It responded with a weak signal of the shipboard communications system, but at least there was something.
      Niasomee jumped again, backing into the corner and staring down the hallway. A flicker light reflected off of something down the hall. The light on the door remained an eerie red.

      Reigando stared at the displays, there was still no sign of the missing teams. Three search teams had been dispatched, and thankfully remained in contact, but they still had not reached the last known location of the lost teams communication. He lowered his head, tightening his mandibles, contemplating the bad situation. The possibility of the most feared was on the top of his mind. Reigando had read the reports, he knew about the organism known as the Flood. The possibility that this was what had caused the problem chilled him to the core.
      His attention was changed as a report from a search team reported in. The message was of medium priority on the pre-message.
      "Master," reported the Squad Master of the farthest search team. "We have picked up a communication signal from one of the lost exploration groups."
      "Transmit it to the ship," commanded Reigando, hiding his growing worry.
      The communications panel displayed new information before emitting the voice of Gweiol, the Squad Master of the second exploration group.
      "This is Gweiol, Squad Master of exploration group two," came the wavering voice, partly obscured by static. The message was obviously prerecorded, and not a live transmission, but the time signature read only a few minutes had passed since the communication was sent. The message continued: "We have been attacked an are locked behind a sealed door adjacent to our last reported position. We require assistance and have suspicions we are being followed, and are in danger of another attack."
      The transmission snapped off.
      "Monitor any further trans…" Reigando began, before stopping to listen to the incoming message.
      "Master! We are receiving emergency report from Gweiol!" exclaimed the same Squad Master.
      "Patch it through!" yelled Reigando.
      The message was marked as high alert, but the only noise that came from the speakers was a warped static.
      A chill ran through Reigando, he knew exactly what was happening to his men. "Pull out! Return to the ship immediately!" he screamed into the receiver.
      The voice that came through the link was not a Squad Masters, but of his second in commands. "…can….ull…ac...ou….att…ck."
      Reigando checked the signal, it went dead.

      Rotting bodies flew from all the passages around them. Doors that had been locked now burst open, pouring out green creatures. Simultaneously all three search teams were overrun by the swarming beasts. Rotting flesh filled the air, limbs and parts of bodies fell and smoldered. Bullets pot marked the walls and soon the flesh of the Covenant as they tried to escape. The trap had worked, and now new weapons, food, and more new hosts filled the growing inventory of the Flood army.