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Posted By: Marshall Purewal<admiralprestoncole@yahoo.com>
Date: 26 November 2003, 6:06 AM

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[this story will take some idea from my old story, elite black spartans, but is complety new and is not based on it.]

It had been 1 year since the Covenant had taken Reach and had glassed it, which is what the humans thought.

SEPT 23 2553 [2300 HOURS]

Admiral Stanford sat in his command chair on the second level of the Zeus's bridge, pondering about how this ship could have been created? It took up 2 million men and woman to create the Prewar class Battle Cruisers, and not to mention 50 trillion dollars for each ship. Only 5 ships were created in total, Zeus was the 1rst of that kind to receive commissioning. These Ships were a dream just a year ago and here he was now, sitting in the top level in a delicate leather chair and staring down to the level below, watching his crew work. He pressed a button on his left hand keypad and a hologram came up. He punched in a few codes and then chose ship characteristics. He started to read the weapons and ordinance the Zeus carried.

Main Weapon: 10 special recoil MAC guns [4 on the bottom fore, 2 on each side, and 2 on the top] that fire a special heavy splintering round. They recycle the energy to fire 3 rounds a gun with one shot.

70 oversized ports for Archer II plasma HE missiles, with new onboard guidance system.

90 chemical reaction lasers for point defense and strafing runs.

Improved pulse lasers from Covenant tech and design, [for testing only, not 100% guarantee to have damage to enemy ships in battle].

Engines: 5 Thermonuclear Reactors, which have 50 000 MW rated output each and have optical chilled ions to cool them down.

3 mini fusion reactors for recharging shields and supplying energy to MAC guns.
[The guns can also recharge from the primary engines, if necessary]

Armour: 10 meter's of Titanium A battle plate with cross bracings and hydraulic reinforcing. (Engine room has 20 meter's for extra protection)

3 heavy shields based on revolutionary technology from Mjolnir Armour for Spartan II

Stanford let out a long whistle and called down to the Comm. to find out about the positions of the rest of the Prewar class ships.

"Sir I will pop them up on your console," replied the Comm. Officer.

Suddenly! A grid came up and showed all of the UNSC ships around Earth, all looked like ants on the grid, even the mighty Marathon Class Cruiser, except 4 other ships that looked like beetles. 2 Prewar Battle Cruiser, the Fidel Castro and the Marshall Ping took position around the Asian continent, but 1 came right behind the Zeus, it was the Georgi K Zhuckov. Both ships were on a dangerous mission; basically you could call it a Kamikaze mission. They were to take back Reach from the Covenant, and it was dangerous even for these majestic ships.

"Engines!, are the Reactors running," Stanford yelled to LT. Cardoza

"Affirmative Sir," he replied.

"It's time to rock and roll, let's get movin," bellowed Stanford.

Then both ships started to move, slowly at first then picking up momentum.

"Sir! How are we going to beat them at Reach, I mean if we could run dark, then we might have a chance, but aren't the Covenant going to notice a 5 KM long ships hole when we enter? Asked Lt. Naslund, who was manning the weapons console?

"I do not know Lt." Replied Stanford.

As the two ships sped on a out bound vector, a single Longsword Fighter came out of Slipstream space, and on the port side it read Pillar Of Autumn. 15 minutes later the 5 KM long ships tore a hole in space, and headed for their heroic mission.

UNSC Battle Cruiser Zeus with the Georgi K Zhuckov
outside of the Epsilon Eridani Systems Edge
Sept 24 2553 [1100]

12 hours later the Zeus and Georgi k Zhuckov came out of slipstream, about 1,000,000,000 out of Epsilon Eridani's edge, on purpose. Both ships headed towards Reach at a vicious velocity, charging their weapons and their shields along the way. The Covenant however did not pay any attention; they thought it was just an asteroid; over seeing that Humanity could build such big ships. They just sat their and orbited Reach, all 150 ships. Down below their was no glint of a shiny surface that a glassed planet was supposed to have, but it just had a few craters made by the Hovak nukes. Reach was still alive and Humanity would wage a small battle to take back the planet, and it would also change the course of the war.

Ommaaa Gullahh stood at the Bridge of his War Carrier, The Gods Fist [the one with the white blue laser] and he read the hourly report.

"My elite master, I have some bad news," Whimpered a grunt, "we have not found the Spartans yet."

"Don't worry, just keep on looking, they got to be hiding," Chuckled Ommaa

Suddenly! The bridge went bright red and alarms went off. One computer was shouting Contact, Contact.

"Report," he yelled

That would be the last thing he would say has 15 MAC rounds struck the ship, the shields rippled and popped has the first 5 hit. Then 3 hit and gutted the engine room, 2 hit the bridge section and 5 sprayed around bow. The Gods Fist started to list to the starboard side; then it broke in to 4 sections under the great stress. Around the War Carrier, 3 destroyers went in flames, 2 cruisers as well. Then came in the Archer II's, only this time for the battle of Reach their was no Star Port for suicide shields, and the Covie's needed one.