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12:53 pm | November 28, 2003
Come on, completely unrealistic...we all know that there's at most 2 months between Halo and Halo 2.....
4:32 am | November 28, 2003
I like how you can capitalize correctly in your story, but not your title . . .

10 meters of armor? wouldn't that make it a bit heavy? You would take wayy too much energy to speed up or slow down something like that.

You spelt "Havok" wrong.

I think this new craft is too powerful. The first thing I learned is that you need balance in order to hold a story together.

4:03 am | November 28, 2003
Sorry, I just couldn't finish this one. You don't need to do the whole 'explain the plot, note every gun' and all that stuff. That has been way overplayed. Just dive into the story and develop the plot as you go.
3:49 am | November 28, 2003
yeah, I agree... plus why do people keep mary-sue'ing TFoR... I mean my fanfic was based off TFoR as a starting point, but at least it was original.. no ripping off Nylund's description of the POA...
Also, fix ur grammar please.
Not to flame, but rather just to lend a helping hand.
Marshall purewal
1:47 am | November 28, 2003
their is a error, Admiral Stanford is actually Stanforth, sorry bout that