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Hidden Love
Posted By: Mainevent<billygoat456@comcast.net>
Date: 7 November 2003, 10:05 PM

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Her eyes were warm and caring
Her spirit brazon and daring
Her will was free and strong
What they did to here unsurmountably wrong

I left her that day with everything to fear
Scared that that beautiful voice would forever disappear
Everything to lose and none to gain
Parting from her such a heavy pain

Alas we couldn't be together
Through all the other times we'd weathered
This one thing may be the last
This brief encounter possibly my last

If I never see her again I'll never know
If she really loved me, or if it was all for show
Was it unconditional or simply flirting
My curiosity painfully hurting

My mind clouded and racked with confusion
Longing to be with her, a permanent collusion
But I know what she did was for the better
She'll do her job to the letter

Stopping the alien invasion of Reach
To keep the human walls from breach
To stop them in their track
Kick their ass and turn them back

To stomp a hole so deep and wide
Theirs nothing they can use to hide
I think I saw it, before her depart
A hint of motion, a hint of heart

A tear had formed an ocean in her eye
She blamed in on the dust a fly
I knew it false and she did too
But she had to hide it from the crew

They'd never know, or understand
Why she longed to hold my hand
What made her want to be with me
Even when she didn't have to be

How come she felt for me deep inside
A passion she couldn't hide
I think before they left they saw it too
One I know, perhaps two

Kelly my dear
You have none to fear
Come home safe and be with me
They'll never hurt you, I'll never flee

I'd die for you
I hope you knew
If they hurt so much as a single hair
I'll strip their entire Homeworld bare

Come back to me Kelly dear
The words you speak I want to hear
Just one last time before I die
I want to hold you with arms not shy