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Halo ABC's
Posted By: Mainevent<billygoat359@netscape.net>
Date: 28 September 2003, 1:16 AM

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A is for Ackerson who hated the chief, he tried to get him killed but was returned with much grief.

B is for Blood Gulch which is a MP level, ghost launching and a series makes it one to revel.

C is for Cortana, who always has your back, and when you need to get somewhere, is ready to hack.

D is for Dropship, the heavily armored chum. Always there when you need them, to save your sorry bum.

E is for explosions, which weren't few and far between. Their enormous columns of smoke so high, they couldn't help but be seen.

F is for the Flood, which gave us such a scare. Their parasitic nature, belittled by their number flare.

G is for Grunts, which were every where to be found. By your mighty fist. there were many brought down.

H is for Halo, the ringworld so dangerous to Earth. One pull of her mighty trigger, and you would quickly realise her worth.

I is for the Iroqouis, of which Keyes first was Captain. A mighty ship of war she was, and knew how to make it happen.

J is for Jackal, the octagonal shielded foe. They may have had numbers, but each was weak and slow.

K is for Kelly, the Chief's first true love. She died on the planet Reach, while the MC fought above.

L is for Lifepod, which saved you from your doom. The only survivor of the crash, the Covenant would find you soon.

M is for Master Chief, the armored Spartan you played as. A surgically enhanced super-cyborg, a flare for killing he has.

N is for Needler, the weapon so despised. It's needles worked uselessly, and often it's bullets erupted before they arrived.

O is for Orange colored elite. He would fight you until the deat and never concede defeat.

P is for Prophet, the mysterious leader caste. Their despise of humanity drives their urge to destroy our species with the utmost haste.

Q is for quirky, which the Monitor most surely. 100,000 years and counting, he wasn't functioning to purely.

R is for reclaimer, of who Master Chief was suspect. He was supposed to insert the index, which had a dire effect.

S is for Sidewinder, the MP level so freezing cold. To face an opponent here, one must be hardcore and bold.

T is for The Maw, the last level in the game. A bevy of enemies here, more than ready to put you to shame.

U is for underground, where the flood were to be found. Their fallen foes were knocked to the ground.

V is for vehicles, of which you used so much. Their value was enormous, and which you took as such.

W is for white, the color of John's skin. Pastey from years of neglect, it was an apparent lack of the pigment melonin.

X is for X, a letter for which a symbol I cannot find. So just read the next, and erase this from your mind.

Y is for Yapyap, the grunt to whom praises we often would shower. Brave although he often was, he was prone to cower.

Z is for 'Zammamee, the elite at first in lead. His leadership challenged by a simple grunt, to which he was forced to concede.