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Soldiers Diary: Homeworlds
Posted By: Mainevent<billygoat359@netscape.net>
Date: 6 September 2003, 1:21 AM

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(Diary found on the body of one Private First Class Robert Frauft, Ensign aboard the UNSC Suncoast)

Day 1: Dear Honey,
Just wanted to let you know that mom loves you, and everyone here is so happy at what your doing. We hope you kill a couple of them for us, and know you will do your best. Write down some of the stuff you do so we can read about it when you get back.
All the family.

Day 2: Boot is harder than I thought. It's my third month and their pushing us hard as hell. I know they have shortened boot to produce more marines, but damn. This is insane. Probably won't be able to write for a while, but that's ok. As long as I live to write again.

Day 16: Shwoo, I got three days leave. I won't be moving for a week. LOL. My muscles feel like jello, and I don't think I could kill a covenant right now if I wanted too. But you just wait, when I get out of here, I show them. You don't mess with the Fraufts and get away with it. Well, Fraufts........hmm....not exactly the baddest name out there, but it will do. The way this war is going, there won't be anything out there soon.

Day 32: Another colony is gone. Damnit, when will we get a fucking win. They just keep pushing and pushing and pushing. Pretty soon there will be nothing left to push. I hope I can stop that. Fresh out of boot and ready to put it to someone.

Day 43: I just got my assignment. UNSC Suncoast under the command of Captain Richard Capulet to leave docks D-67 from Earth at approximately 1200 standard time. It won't be long til i'm out doing what I always wanted. Killing some of those Alien asses. They've killed so many of us, god knows it's time I repay the favor.

Day 52: These asswipes are combing the ship, I'm pretty sure it's the end for me. I got caught in the shower, and I'm hiding in a corner in one of the storage closets. I've seen several groups of them passing by with some strange devices, and one big motherfucker. It won't be long before they find me.

Day 53: They were all repelled, it's a miracle. There was a Spartan onboard, I can't believe my luck. Pelican Droppings. Hehe. Funny name for the corp's best of the best. I heard they got some special assignment today, goin to some planet named Cerap. We should get there pretty soon. Our reactors are running at 150%, so we'll either get there or be disintegrated in the blast.

Day 58: Cerap is finally in sight. The chief and his group are going down pretty soon, hope they kick some covie ass down there. The chief can take on anything. I gave him one of my dogtags for good luck, I doubt he'll keep it though. You know his types, all those badass types just wanna kill kill kill.

Day 63: This is suicide. Brass are going crazy. This mission is so messed up. We lost the Chief the other day on that damn Cerap, I'm pretty sure he's dead. Not even a spartan could survive what happened there. The Captain let "him" out earlier, he really helped during the battle. We may be able to win this after all.

Day 68: Can't figure out what went wrong. At about 1050 the power cells just went dead. Came on about thirty seconds later though. I must say though, it gave us all a big scare. Luckily, that pet AI of the Captain's reconfigured the controls and got them back running. Poor Caligula though, must have been a Covenant virus, that's what the Captain said.

Day 75: The bastards outflanked us, and are running us down now. Captain has us running dark, but it's only a matter of time. Ever since we lost the Sarge, it's been hell on us. We just came to a planet, I figure he'll try to hide us there by setting her down on the darkside, but no one knows with him and that damn computer at the helm. I miss Caligula, this bastard is just crazy.

Day 80: It's a miracle! The Chief, Cortana, and Caligula are back. We picked 'em up off of a freighter heading for a battle at Serio. We're all heading there now. I'm so glad to see Caligula back, that 343 SOB was messing with everything. The Captain was losing it, it was almost like he couldn't control himself. He just kept acting very strange. He seems to be back to normal now that that little SOB is gone.

Day 85: WE WON!! It was a brilliant victory, and Capulet was heading it up. We only lost 4 ships, and the covenant lost 25. This is an amazing victory. We haven't had a record this good during the entire war. We may just have a chance.