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Comments for 'Soldiers Diary: Homeworlds'

Vi3tl3l3oi 023
2:13 am | September 10, 2003
nice... i like the diary sequences...
1:37 pm | September 7, 2003
Cool, I like the diary ideas.
3:32 am | September 7, 2003
Nice. It was fun to read.
7:21 pm | September 6, 2003
Thanks guys.

It's a tie in to the story, so If I spoiled some of the stuff to come, not my fault. I wrote spoiler at the top :).
Alpha Lance
5:06 pm | September 6, 2003
lol, that was cool and uique. And it is Kill, Kill, Kill. But great, 9.8/10.

Alpha Lance
Creator of Halo Trilogy
4:59 pm | September 6, 2003
Wow! Cool Mainevent. Iv never read that before. I like how its like a branch off of Homeworlds..