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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: The Hammer Falls
Posted By: LordofDestruction<Exwing4123@aol.com>
Date: 13 April 2003, 3:20 AM

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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: The Hammer Falls
Location: Fleet Engagement over Covenant world Vega Prime,
Combat bridge U.N.S.C. Warhawk
Date: Military Calendar October 9th, 2571

      The U.N.S.C. Warhawk darted through the wreckage of the battle and rammed a lone recon ship attempting to escape the deathtrap created by the U.N.S.C. fleet. The ship engaged a lone Covenant destroyer, tearing its engineering section clean out of the superstructure.
      The Admiral said to his comms officer, "I need to find out how much is left of the Covenant fleet. The wreckage is jamming our sensors, so we'll need to get more data from the rest of the fleet."
      "Yes Sir. All U.N.S.C. ships, respond. I need you to slave your sensors to the flagship Warhawk."
      An acknowledgement message came through and suddenly the ship's A.I. was flooded with sensory information.
      "So, what do we have, Ulysses?" Asked the Admiral.
      "Well, all of the battleships and heavy cruisers are destroyed and the light cruisers, destroyers and carriers are running like mad to try to escape. A number of them are crash landing-wait! The entire enemy fleet has been destroyed or captured!"
      "What are our losses?"
      "Minor, really. We lost fifteen battleships, one-hundred fifty cruisers and about two-hundred and thirty-five destroyers."
      "Good. Call U.N.S.C. Command and tell them hat we have routed the Covenant defending fleet. Also, get them to send in reinforcements. We're going to get moving much faster than I had anticipated. Also, request that they send one of the new Claymore-class super dreadnoughts."

Claymore class super dreadnoughts--Claymore class super dreadnoughts are a new class of ship, also the first ships to carry the designation "super dreadnought". Claymores are three times the size of a Warhawk class battleship. The ships carry six thousand Longbow missile pods and eight MAC guns on addition to their three hundred plasma torpedo launchers. Though they carry extreme firepower, their great cost forever limits them from coming into wide spread use.

      "Yes sir," replied Ulysses.
      "Move the ship forward to engage those plasma missile batteries."
      "Sir, there are too many batteries there. The torpedoes will cut-
      "Damn the torpedoes! Increase to Flank!"
      "Yes Sir."

Location: 11th SIW Wing commander

      "We're running out of munitions, so lets get back to the Warhawk and refuel and rearm." Ordered Knight one to the rest of his wing. "The reserve fighters are launching, so we can afford to miss some action."
      "Yes Sir!" replied the squadron leaders, who relayed the orders to their squadrons. The 11th SIW cruised back to the Warhawk, which was moving into range of the plasma missile batteries. As they docked in the main hangar, they saw many damaged fighters already there, as well as fresh fighters launching out of the bay. Knight 1 touched down at the rear end of the hangar bay. His ship hadn't received so much as a mark from enemy fighters or capital ships. He and his weapons officer climbed out and went to the officers' mess for debriefing.
      At the officers' mess, they learned from the thousands of other combat pilots that the entire enemy fleet hadn't escaped as they thought, but was decimated. Other interceptors and fighters began bombing the hell out of the planet, and all of them wanted a piece of the action. The briefing proceeded smoothly, the Flag officer of the ship conducted it himself. There were scores of promotions and many of the fresh jet-jockeys became aces. Lieutenant Commander James M. Nimitz, AKA Knight 1, earned three confirmed fighter kills and two capital ship kills. For gallantry in the face of the enemy, he was also awarded the Navy Cross. The Flag officer, Fleet Admiral Ronald Pershing gave them general details of their next missions-a whole lot of strafing ground targets in support of the Marines. They also learned that this planet, Vega Prime, was to the Covenant as Reach was to the U.N.S.C. Nimitz thought, "Well, paybacks are a bitch, aren't they!"

Location: Covenant Capital planet, unknown location

      "They what!" Screamed the Covenant High Priest at the top of his lungs
      "They routed the Vega Prime defense forces. The planet will fall with in a matter of a few hours." Replied his secretary
      "If Vega Prime indeed falls, I fear that it may be the end of us all. If they have the firepower and skill to route our best fleet commander, they will surely not stop there. They are now within two hundred and thirty light years from here. Call the entire Navy, tell them to speed to here at best possible speed."
      "Sir, the nearest fleet capable of intercepting theirs is three weeks away. They can be here in a day-- "
      "By the Gods, we have lost!"

Location: U.N.S.C. Warhawk

      Lieutenant Commander James Nimitz was dumbfounded. By the time he had finished his debriefing and freshened up, Vega Prime had already fallen. Instead, he was called to the ships flag bridge to meet the Admiral. Something about catching the Covenant with their pants down, which could only mean one thing, That they had found the Covenant capital world. Five whole fleets were entering the system to discuss the attack plan. If they could take that planet, it would mean that the rest of the Covenant would be brought to its knees. An invasion of this scale had never been even dreamed before. The Siege of Earth involved only one third the firepower. This invasion could be paralleled to the Normandy invasion on Earth, 1944 AD. He thought, "Well, if we can hit fast enough and hard enough, the war could be over soon. Then again, if the High Priests escaped, the war could drag on for another century. The war has already been going fifty years, so a delay of that magnitude would be costly. If we do fail in capturing them, however, it will be like the point of no return for the Covenant." That thought brought a smile to his face. The Warhawk formed up with the rest of the fleet, including the gargantuan Claymore class super dreadnought U.N.S.C. Styx. And indeed, one who crossed the Styx ended up crossing the river Styx.