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Comments for 'Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: The Hammer Falls'

Melee to the back
7:39 pm | April 19, 2003
um, whats up with Master Chief being like, err, gay?
9:52 pm | April 15, 2003
Good job. 8.5/10. Keep it up I want to see how this series plays out.
James Kinsella
11:56 am | April 15, 2003
I really like your writing. You manage to mix capital ship combat with single ship combat and make it sound realistic. Send the next one in soon.
10:35 pm | April 14, 2003
It won't be over for a while. The Hammer may have fallen, but the primer hasn't detonated yet.
Dirty Commie
7:37 pm | April 14, 2003
They already found the Capital? That was quick.
5:47 pm | April 14, 2003
i agree, this story was great, keep it up dude, 9.5
Shadow Spartan
5:45 pm | April 14, 2003
my god man, i really REALLY like this story....you write well...amazing, i give it a 9.5...keep it up man