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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: First Engagement
Posted By: LordofDestruction<Exwing4123@aol.com>
Date: 3 April 2003, 11:54 PM

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Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: First Engagement
Location: Covenant World Vega Prime
Date: Military Calendar October 9th, 2571.

      The ASPT-34 missile screamed toward the lead Covenant battleship at 20km/sec, maneuvering through the 30m wide hole created by the Dagger fighters of the 490th Tactical Fighter Wing. As it struck the battleship, it crashed through the right side super structure to detonate a mere 50m away from the main reactor. The surge of plasma expanded through the ship, detonating the main reactor, slicing the ship nearly in half.
      "Looks like the boss got one!" yelled Knight 2.
      "Scratch one boomer!" yelled Lieutenant Thomas "Tommy" McKnight.
      "Knights, look sharp! We have Phantoms on their way in!" said Knight 1. A Phantom is the newest line Covenant fighter, packing greater speed and firepower than its forbear. "Keep your distance, we're no match for them in a dogfight. Lets fire a salvo of missiles at them, VOX threes, got it?
      The 11th SIW replied, "Damn right!" almost in unison. The Wing selected ASM-56s, targeted separate targets from each other, and released a volley of hell at the 100+ wings speeding towards them. Most of the other wings did the same, sending around 50,000 missiles at the enemy. Fortunately for the Covenant, only half hit, sending thousands of valiant Covenant to their graves-then came the counterattack. The remaining Covenant fighters send their own volley of death at the U.N.S.C. fighters.
      "All ships, begin evasive action!" Ordered one of the other Wing Commanders. Knight 1 saw his collision avoidance radar siren. Quickly, he avoided one of the other maneuvering interceptors. He knew that his shields can protect him from a missile, but he was trained, like so many others, not to rely on them. A bright blue flash caught his eye and as he turned to look, he saw a Longsword turned into a blue orb of flame. As he looked ahead, he saw his COR highlight a plasma missile coming straight at him. With no time to maneuver, he fired his 40mm Vulcans straight at the missile, blowing it up a mere 100m in front of him. As he emerged from the smoke, he noticed that his shields stopped all of the fragments. To escape the death trap in the making, he throttled his engines to max and dove down on an escaping Phantom. The Phantom had evidently caught some debris and wasn't traveling fast enough to escape the giant Katana about to tear him to pieces. Lieutenant Commander Nimitz dropped in behind the Phantom, lined his firing reticule, and snapped a two second burst just in front of the fighter. The eighty rounds spat out by his Vulcans tore through its right wing. The special anti-fighter bullets, once they impact a target, spread out large 3 inch wings with small plasma blades on the ends and ignite a small rocket motor, propelling the dense uranium head and chromite wings straight through the target. In this case, the bullets tore the entire wing off and nearly cut the body in two.
      Knight 1 pulled up to avoid the swirling debris and heard the computer confirm the kill. "Scratch one Phantom!" he cried with the sense of his first dogfight victory still making him shake. Then, without fail, another Phantom burst his bubble by spraying plasma fire at him. He banked hard starboard, catching half of the incoming plasma fire with his shield. "I've got a bandit on my tale, I've got a bandit on my 'six!"
      "Roger, Knight 1, I've got him in my view." Replied Eagle 4, a Dagger pilot, in his rich British accent.
      "Well, hurry, I can't our maneuver him!"
      "Don't worry, I've got missile lock-VOX three!" said Eagle 4 as he launched the missile at the Phantom. The Phantom pilot never knew what hit him as the missile ripped into his main fuel cell, converting him into nothing more than a mini-nova and a foul memory.
      "Thanks, Eagle 4-oh, wait, I've got a damaged frigate in my sights!"
      "Go get 'em, tiger."
      Knight 1 launched an ASPT-34 at the general area at the bridge, leaving the exact detonation time to the torpedo's sensors. Several Longswords fired Warhammer Cruise Missiles at the frigate's exposed hangars simultaneously. As the ASPT impacted the forward superstructure and drilled through the first major bulkhead, the Warhammers detonated in the hangars, destroying several squadrons of fighters and wrecking the repair and refueling equipment. As the ASPT destroyed the bridge and fire control centers, a secondary fire ran into the ship's magazine, vaporizing the amidships of the ship and destroying the vessel.
      "Nice shot!" cried Knight one with joy, "Who did it?"
      "It was I." Said an Asian sounding Captain. "Well placed shot by yourself, Nimitz-san."
      "Thanks. There is a squadron of Phantoms harassing some Longswords 40km due west, shall we?
      "We shall!"

To be continued in Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: Scourge of the Gods