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Comments for 'Halo: 11th Strategic Interceptor Wing: First Engagement'

12:30 am | April 12, 2003
Sorry for plagiraizing, I didn't know. However, there are bound to be ships with the designation of "battleship." I expanded off of your missile ideas, kinda the next generation. The tactic for strafing is great, so i couldn't resist. this is happening nineteen years further in the future, so missiles and battleship desigins would evolve a lot. Just look at the changes in warfare from the first world war to the second world war, that was about twenty years.
3:41 am | April 6, 2003
Darn it didn't completely work. Anyway here's my Comment: You should know the Daggers, Fighter Wings, tactics, missiles, and battleships were my invetion. NOt that of Bungie. If you already knew that, I'm flattered you used them. If not...well you know now. I would assume that the reason you would think they Bungies(if you did) was maybe because I had read the books and you hadn't. Oh well...
3:32 am | April 6, 2003
I'm pretty sure it's Fox. I know a fighter pilot(flies the F-15C) and in every book about Modern Air Combat, they spell it fox. Fox One for radar guided missiles, and Fox two for IR(heat seeking) guided missiles. Thanks for the grade on mine. Have you read both? I just submitted the third.
I'm going to do this backwards. This is my comment. I will type my name below. Ahh...Oh yeah. Yo
3:32 am | April 6, 2003
Dirty Commie
5:33 am | April 5, 2003
what Dispraiser said....A-

one suggestion: I would cut out the heading that sets the stage like that. I would either go straight to the action and reveal the setting andd time slowly, or have a briefing/preparation/something beforehand.

But thats just me! Do what you gotta do.
1:59 am | April 5, 2003
Vox is the technical term for a missile launch but sometimes it is pronounced FOX. VOX is an acronym for Something. Thanks for the nice comment and I would give your FanFic an 85.
Anthony Coronado
12:07 am | April 5, 2003
Wow, I must say, wow! This is going to be one of the best stories in the HBO Archives (believe me, I have read most, if not all of the greats like TOLGID, Hawk Chronicles, and some others).

You're one of the only authors (besides myself) that can try to recreate space ocmbat and do it effectivly... A- for a great job. Keep it up!
8:49 pm | April 4, 2003
My God. I saw something in this story that amazed me. You used the Air Force warning for the launch of an air-to-air missile. Fox! (I assume when you said VOX in the story it was to add to the dudes british accent). I thought I was the only person outside of the Air Force who knew what pilots meant when they said Fox One and Fox Two!
But anyway continuing with my grading scale. This story recieves an 80. An 80 is good. My grading scale isn't like the one at school.
7:53 pm | April 4, 2003
's around nicknames or phrases or quotes within quotes, take a zero off every number you ever write and you should be fine. A-.