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ONI Experimental Vehicle and Weapons Database: Volume 1
Posted By: LordofDestruction<Exwing4123@aol.com>
Date: 15 May 2003, 1:39 AM

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Office of Naval Intelligence Experimental Vehicle and Weapons Database
Date: August 25th, 2571 Military Calendar
Subject(s): XFS-11 Sabre Space Dominance Fighter,
ACASP(Advanced Automated Capital Ship Project)
Classification Semi-restricted

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General Specifications of XFS-11 Sabre
Length 25m
Wingspan 32m
Mass 35,000 kg
Top Speed(Space) 150km/sec
Top Speed(Atmosphere) 3,700 km/hr
Thrust(@ max power) 1,372 kN
Thrust to Weight Ratio 4:1
Max Payload 15,000 kg disposable ordinance
Weapons(Fixed) Four 40mm Vulcans(1.1 kg shot at 1,300m/sec)
One 250 mW Plasma Rifle
Six magnetic accelerator missile launch tubes
Armor 6.5cm ATLAS battle plate
Shields 5 gigawatt force field
Crew 1 pilot(optional weapons officer)
Radar cross section .1 cm

General Shape
      The vehicle consists of a flying wing with an armored cockpit protruding 5m ahead of the wing roots. In the wing roots are four 40mm Vulcans and four magnetic accelerator missile launch tubes, capable of dealing with weapons ranging from 4cm wide to up to 50cm wide. On the end of each wing are another magnetic accelerator missile launch tubes. The engines are clustered at the back in a line along the trailing edge of the wing. Two tail stabilizers protrude out of the wing tips at a 70-degree angle.
The cockpits avionics have been vastly improved over the older Dagger Space Superiority Fighter. It includes the new ALQ-1271 Space radar with a 7,000km range, along with the new SJS-543 Radar Jamming system, with an automated chaff and flare launch system. The avionics systems have been upgraded to allow the use of the new ASIM-79 Shuriken Air/Space Interceptor missile. The missile, with its 5,560 km range, can engage Seraphs and Phantom Space Superiority fighter well beyond the range of their missile weapons.
      The engines, White-Westinghouse T-989 plasma engines, can vector their thrust up to 105-degrees from center, allowing for gut wrenching maneuvers. A new g-force compensator prevents the pilot from being torn to bits at these 50-g plus maneuvers.
      New for a ship of its class are its SP-707 slipspace engines, allowing the vehicle to do long range attacks away from its carrier ship. With this ability, it is able to strike a target independently from the main fleet, allowing it to strike the enemy at its inconvenience, after they have deployed their fleet to engage the fighters attacking its interests.
      Testing phase began October 24th, 2568 Military Calendar, and concluded on July 2nd, 2571 Military Calendar. For further details, see file[classified]. Approval for arms manufacturer, Armstech, to begin production is pending and should be confirmed by September 15th, 2571 Military Calendar. The twenty-four prototypes have been transferred to the 407th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Keyes Space Yard, Reach Colony.
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General Specifications of ACASP
Length 1.7km
Beam 223.1m
Draft 257.7m
Top Speed 45km/sec
Main Reactor(s) Two White-Westinghouse TNR-514C Fusion Reactors
(134.9 terawatt/hours
Engines Four General Electric DSM-540A Ion Engines
Armor 2.1m ATLAS battle plate
Weaponry 900 Longbow Missile Pods
Two Mk. 48 Magnetic Accelerator Cannons
10 Plasma Torpedo launchers
Two nuclear shafts housing 10 each SHIVA
Tactical Thermonuclear Missiles
Fighter Compliment Two Combat Wings of AFS-101 Wasp Fighter
Shielding 1.3 terawatt force field

General Role
      The vessel is designed to do hit and run attacks on an enemy fleet or orbital emplacements with out risking a crew in the process. Two AI working in tandem run the ship's vital functions. One handles weapons and shielding, while the other handles engines and navigation. The ship can house biological life if needed, and so being a very good rescue ship for daring rescue missions in hostile territory. The ship is of light heavy cruiser/armored cruiser is size and firepower, able to do scouting or fleet engagements.
      The ship is cylindrical in shape, with small bulges in the aft of the ship housing engines. The ship lacks a bridge, being AI run, but does have chryo bays for housing rescued UNSC personnel. Early testing has dubbed these ships the name 'battle wagons,' as they were led into the exercises by standard cruisers. The name has stuck, and ONI has decided to make it their official designation. The 'battle wagons' are capable of doing almost anything a conventional cruiser is, though are less flexible in combat due to their automated nature. They are very capable ships, and their early promise has shown that they deserve further testing to see if they are an efficient enough of a combat capital starship.
BW-01 UNSC Sentinel
BW-02 UNSC John Pershing
BW-03 UNSC William Wallace
BW-04 UNSC Napoleon Bonaparte

      The prototypes were first tested in the 'Black Jack' exercise one January 17th, 2570 Military Calendar. The object of the exercise was to destroy four drone ships of cruiser type, while avoiding a gas giant's gravity well. All ship completed the mission with flying colors by driving the drones into the gravity well of the planet, immobilizing them, allowing the 'battle wagons' to pick off the opposing vessels at their leisure. Further testing is needed to make sure that they are worthy of a defense contract.
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