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Comments for 'ONI Experimental Vehicle and Weapons Database: Volume 1'

11:20 am | May 25, 2003
3:02 am | May 24, 2003
To Steele: Go ahead. Freeedom of speech. You can use some of my ideas if you like.
2:24 am | May 21, 2003
very professional format. 9.5/10. hope i see a lot more about these ships.
8:20 pm | May 19, 2003
Would you mind if I started my own database? Basically it would be stealing your idea or sort of. It wouldn't be called the same thing or written in the same format, but would you mind.

I await your answer before I continue...
2:36 pm | May 19, 2003
My mistake, I missed the timeline.
2:40 am | May 19, 2003
Read the dateline. This twenty years in the future. They had help in deciphering the technology, which created a arms development boom. Besides, these are just prototypes.
5:20 pm | May 18, 2003
*sniff sniff* The Dagger isn't OLD! *sniff sniff*

No too bad. Looks pretty professional.
The only thing I don't like is the addition of COVENANT weaponry. A plasma weapon? I don't like to give the Human ships Covenant weaponry, becuase Plasma just sucks. The fuel rod and shields are ok (which yours didn't have, but I'm saying this 'bout other Covenant weapons), but not plasma, at least in my opinion.

I don't beleive the Humans have mastered Plasma yet, and it is, in my opinion agian, inferior to good ol' missiles and such. Now a missile that guides on plasma...
Wiley Kimball
4:30 pm | May 18, 2003
I like, I like. 8/10