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War for Earth City [3]: Not Much of a Friend
Posted By: Kancer<FourPlagues07@netscape.net>
Date: 12 August 2003, 9:29 PM

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      He suddenly fell on the ground. He felt something jab into his back, and looked up. A red Elite was standing over him. He felt the object being ripped from his back, and screamed in pain. He pulled out his dagger, and thrust it into the Elite's hoove. The Elite screeched in anger, and pain. It pulled out a Plasma Sword, and switched it on. It lifted it up, and brought it down onto the ground missing the nameless man by inches. He rolled out of the way just in time. He remebered he was in a battle, and not only up against this Elite, but thousands of Covenant. He remembered his brother, and screamed. He pulled his dagger out of the Elite's hoove, and jabbed it into it's stomach twice. The Elite started bleeding fatally. The human jabbed it into the Elite's neck, and blood gushed out of the new wound. It fell over dead, and the human spit on it. He picked up it's Sword and ran at another Elite, this one blue.
      He jumped, and swung the sword. The Elite's head rolled off, and down the hill. He stuck the Sword into a Grunt's head, and ripped it out, laughing. He struck down a Jackal, and brought the Sword down on it's stomach, brutaly ripping it in half. he threw the Sword at a Hunter, standing in front of a wall. The Sword twisted slicing the Hunter in half, and sticking the Sword into the wall behind it. The top half of the Hunter slid off the bottom half, and they both fell over onto the ground. The rest of the humans were putting up as much a fight as the nameless one was. They were tired of being treated like shit, and were finally making a stand. One human wrestled down a Grunt, chopped off it's arms and legs, and ripped off it's breathing apparatus, leaving it there to suffocate.
      Others threw Covenant down the hill, and down to others with big clubs. The nameless human lifted his club, and threw it down smashing a Grunt's head like a hammer to a pumpkin. He also swung it, and hit the side of a Elite's leg, making the Elite fold like a chair. He then finished it off with a hit to the head, having the same effect as the Grunt. Finally, a golden Elite fired off the first of many sniper rounds. It hit one human in the stomach, practically blowing him apart. Every death added more blood to the already ankle deep gore, brains, and blood. The nameless one was sure that this battle was going to be the last, it had to be. The Covenant had thousands more casualties then the humans. He saw one of his closest friends being double-teamed by Elites. He quickly ran over to him, and jabbed the Plasma Sword through one of the Elite's back. He yanked it out, and the Elite slid to the ground. He then pulled out a Plasma Pistol, charged it really fast, and fired it into the Elite's ear. It also fell to the ground, dead.
      "Are you all right?" His friend nodded, and walked away. "Hey, where are you going?" His friend shrugged, and ran away. "Well thats weird, somethings up and I need to find out." His voice was deep, from a shortage of clean water intake. He walked up to his other friend, "Hey James, what's up with Vince?"
      "I'm not sure, but whatever it is I don't like it. It's like he's a friggin' vegetable. He doesn't talk to anyone." James walked off to his family. He had a daughter named Cloe, and a son named Thomas. His wife's name name is Katarina.

Later That Night ...

      The nameless human continued to fight. He had been for five straight hours. He was very tired, but still continued. He walked up to Vince, put his hand on his shoulder, and turned him toward the nameless one. "Alright, what's up. How come you haven't been fighting. If we lose, we all die. Listen to me DAMMIT!"
      "What the hell do you want, for me to kill. Okay i will, and I'll start by killing you." Vince jumped at the nameless human, but missed his mark. The nameless one jumped on Vince, and pinned his arms down. He punched Vince repeatedly, and then continued by headbutting him.
      "Don't start something you can't finish," the nameless one said. He got off Vince, and tried walking away. Vince charged at him with a dagger, but Vince was countered. He threw Vince onto a table, "Like I said, don't start something you can't finish. This is something you can't." Vince gave him the finger, which angered him. "Your going to die, you goddamn traitor," the nameless one screamed. He punched Vince over, and over, and over again. He kneed Vince in the groin repeatedly.
      "You started it, and now I'm going to finish it." The nameless one pulled out Vince's dagger, and lifted it, "Kind of odd isn't it, that your going to die by your own dagger. Ironic, see you in hell," He thrusted it into Vince's stomach. Vince managed a few words before he died, "I know your secret." A lone tear rolled down the nameless one's face, he wiped it off and said, "I will not cry for you, you, you traitor." He walked away scared and saddened, he had just killed his best friend.

The Next Day ...

      The nameless one awoke, clearly remembering last night. He stood up, and walked over to a tree. He sat down and pulled out a pencil, with paper. He wrote down a speech, and also a message which said, ' Come to the large Oak Tree at 3:00.' He nodded with approval, stood up, and handed it to James. "Be sure to tell everyone."
      It was 3:00, and everyone was gathered around the Oak Tree. He spoke out, "I have gathered you here for one reason, because we must form an Alliance, so if we win, the will know who we are. If you do not wish to join an Alliance, please raise your hand." Two or three raised there hands. "Okay, why is that?Huh, why don't you want to form an Alliance." Noone spoke out. "Okay, those three will be hanged. May God greet you in heaven. The rest of you, please follow me to the armory."
      Everyone walked to the Armory, except for the three who'd be hanged later in the day. The nameless one told everyone to start modifying there weapons. He was sure that the Covenant weren't going to die easily. He sharpened bones from his dear friend, Vince, which they had eaten that day for food. He added pieces of armor from Covenant to pieces of armor from the humans, which he used to make a super-armor. He walked down the rows of people modifying their weapons, and yelled, "Everyone better be ready by tomorrow, that's when there coming!

To Be Continued ...