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War for Earth City [1]:Only the Beginnning
Posted By: Kancer<iwalksidewayz@netscape.net>
Date: 8 August 2003, 6:09 PM

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Date: August 07
Time: 25:07
Location: Unknown

The year is 2769, and it is near the end of the human race. In the year 2755, the Covenant invaded earth City, and forced the humans to fleed to another location. Only a few stayed behind, and of those, only 100, maybe 150 are still standing. In the year 2564, when the Four Plagues War started, The human race started to diminish, and dwindle. The Covenant went into hiding, which gained them the time to become more powerful in strength, and numbers. It also gave the humans a doubt that the Covenant still existed. Masterchief, the hero of the first Covenant war, was killed in battle, in the year 2622. All hope was lost then. The humans tried to start the SPARTAN PROJECT up again, but the lab was soon destroyed, and everyone with knowledge of the project suddenly started dying one by one. The humans were forced to battle with the Covenant one last time, for the land. Although the humans overwhelmed the Covenant greatly in numbers, most of the humans had never carried weapons, ever. The day was August 08, the time: 12:34, the day they went to battle, and it ended three months after it started. The three months of war, treachry, despair, bloodshed, and other great darknesses is quite a tale. So please read on, and enjoy!!!

Date: August 08
Time: 12:34
Location: Near the Battlefield of Blood

As the humans marched forth, to what was sure to be their death, everyone had butterflies. There were only a few marines left, and those that were left, were either injured, or weak. The cause was the living conditions they had to endure for a decade and a half. The floor was dirt, and bugs. Their food was either there own, or some dead and disease-ridden animal. There weapons were anything they could find that was blunt. Most carried wood, pipes, sharpened bones, and ammo-less guns to melee with. Only a few carried knives, but the ones who did carried butcher knives, and rusty daggers. "Okay men, we will march into battle and give 'em all we've got. Only defend yourself, are you will be caught off guard. Let's pray before we march any further." All men and women bowed their heads, and prayed silently. "Amen," the leader said, "now let's move, god bless and godspeed, everyone. Now let's go!!!"
Everyone suddenly sprinted up, and over a hill. When they got to the other side, they saw a large shadow of Covenant as far as the eye could see. "Good god," a marine shouted, "there's too many, sir." The leader raised his hand, and turned his head toward his men, turning his back on the Covenant. Before he could drop it though, a Covenant sniper was scoping out his head, and right as he was dropping his hand, the Covenant fired. The leaders last expression was a smile, before his brains were on his men. He crumpled to the floor, lifeless and also headless. "Noooo! We have to continue, he would've wanted us to! Attack!!!" Every human suddenly felt ten times stronger, and sprinted once again after the Covenant.

"Did you notify the snipers, yet?" An Elite Chief cocked his head to the side, put binoculars on, and looked for the lone sniper who shot the leader. Once he found him, he lifted ordered that the lone sniper be shot, for certain reasons. The lone sniper waved at his master, and the mast waved back. The last thing the lone sniper ever saw, was his master laughing. "Have the snipers been notified yet?"
"Yes sir, their ready, anytime now."
"Good job, now fetch me a weapon." He looked through his binoculars once more, at the humans, and noticed an especially eccentric one. "Do you see him," he asked, and his assistant nodded, "tell the snipers to leave that one for me. I need some practice, anyway."
"Yes sir, i'll do that right now."
"Hey assistant, where's my weapon?"

"But, but we're not even on Battlefield of Blood yet!"
"Then let us fight here, and end it now!" The humans continued to march. Then suddenly, there was a loud crackkk!, and half of the first line fell. "Watch out for snipers!" He didn't understand, he was in the first line, why wasn't he hit? He started to run, and there was another loud crackkkk!, which made him duck. Another line fell, and then another. The onslaught contiued for at least 10 minutes. They had finally made it up there, but with only half there man standing. The man swore, and saw an Elite. He jumped on him, lifted his pipe, and violently struck it over and over, spreading brains, and gore all over his face. He pulled out a rusty dagger, and threw it at a grunt. The dagger soared in the air, and the Grunt accidently ran into a wall. It tried turning around, but the dagger was too fast, hitting it in the neck, and pinning it up against the wall. Blood squirted out, all over the grass, and rock. "Yes!" Everyone felt stronger, and charged even faster.

"What are they doing," the Elite Chief asked. He noticed them running faster, and faster up the hill, to his current location. Two of his best men had just been killed, by the one that leads them all. He asked for his sniper rifle, and when he was givin' it, he scoped in 10X, aimed for the leader's head, and fired.

He knew something wasn't right. He felt like he was being attacked. He ducked his head, and a bullet zoomed by, missing him by inches. He heard a scream, turned around, and saw his brother lying on the ground with a bullet wound to the stomach.
"Oh god. I don't wanna die, not now!" The soldier sat and watched his brother die slowly, when suddenly tons more sniper bullets zoomed by, killing hundreds of men, and women. We must move faster, he thought, if we don't, we won't survive long enough to get even close to winning!.
"We must move faster, now. We must win!" Everyone ran as fast as they could, getting up the hill so fast, that they trampled a few Grunts, and Jackals. The man noticed another Elite, ran and slid between it's legs. He came out behind it, and slit it's throat. The Elite fell to the ground, dead before it even hit it. He saw a Yellowish-Gold Elite running away, and decided to follow it.
The battle was a bloody, and horrific one. Many men died, but this is only the first installment to this war called, The War for Earth City!

To Be Continued...