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Comments for 'War for Earth City [1]:Only the Beginnning'

8:45 pm | August 12, 2003
It's not very very long, but it's moderate!
8:31 pm | August 12, 2003
Good news, number three has been submitted. I think it's my best yet, hope you like it as much as my family and i do.
2:38 pm | August 12, 2003
Thanks Gladiatrrr3000,
I'm sorry to say though, that the second installment is very short. I promise, and I'll make sure to make number 3 anything but short.
9:59 pm | August 11, 2003
dude, this is the best thing you've written for fanfic. keep this series up
2:09 pm | August 11, 2003
Hey J-pr1m3,
You never know! It's my story I can mold it and create any shape i want, okat that sounded alittle gay, but so what. Don't forget to read number 2, coming in the next update.
2:20 am | August 11, 2003
Excellent idea you have there, Kancer, though sometimes the grammar seems to falter and the speech lines were not paragraphed. Regretfully, in certain places, there was a lack of detail and description where the story had the potential to shine. Maybe, using the emotions coming from characters, you could really draw the readers into the plot. Thanks for the read!

Too bad we already know the humans are all gonna die... would have been an exciting ending!
9:09 pm | August 10, 2003
cool 10/10
Alpha Lance
5:45 pm | August 10, 2003
10/10,I though it took place in 2552.MC wasn't on
Halo that long.
5:31 pm | August 10, 2003
10/10 Um right.
2:53 pm | August 10, 2003
Its supposed to be after Halo, and halo takes place in 2553, or 2556 or whatever!
ace 120
2:22 pm | August 10, 2003
halo takes place in 255, not 2775 :{