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Halo Beyond: Part 1
Posted By: Joey21488<Joey21488@aol.com>
Date: 18 April 2002, 2:44 pm

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It has been 8 years now after the destruction of Halo and Master Chief Spartan John 117 has fought countless battles on many planets. Cortana has long since stopped functioning and John has received a new AI construct called Eli. (Cortana has stopped functioning because she is a "smart" AI and "smart" AI's have a life span of seven years).

"Chief, there are four elites around the corner on your right, I suggest using a frag grenade to take them out."

"Alright master" said the Chief as he primed a grenade for use and hurled it at the group of elites." He then whipped out his AR and went into semi-automatic fire against the surviving elite.

"Well done Chief," said Eli, "Now what are you going to do about that hunter right behind you?"

"How the hell should I know, you're the AI you're supposed to help me figure that out!"

"Ok, ok stop complaining already. I suggest rolling a grenade under his legs to get him to turn around and then use your shotgun to nail him in the weak spot on his back."

"Good, that's what I call a plan buddy," said the Chief.

The Chief rolled a concussion grenade under the Hunters legs and the hunter turned around exposing his weak back to the Chief who shot it in the back with a well placed shotgun round.

The Chief is on board the UNSC destroyer Pinnacle that had been overrun by Covenant forces 12 hours earlier on its way to the discovered Covenant home world. The Covenant fleet had not destroyed the ship because they wanted to interrogate the Chief and his fellow Spartan's about his exploits on Halo.

The Chief was about to round the corner when he heard a deafening roar that alerted him to the presence of a hunter. He turned and just as he was about to throw a grenade he was hit from behind and was knocked out by a blow from a golden elites plasma sword that severed part of his neural implants. He was dragged off to be interrogated while the Pinnacle was bombarded and destroyed by the Covenant fleet.

When the Chief woke up he found that he had placed in a Covenant maximum-security prison.

"Wow" thought the Master Chief " are the Covenant aware that I am a human because they didn't take my armor off and they didn't take you Eli."

"They obviously aren't Chief" said Eli, "If they were they would've taken your armor and they would've taken me also and found the location of Earth."

"Good" said the MC, "Eli do you know where we are right now?"

"No but I'm guessing that we are on the Covenant home world right now because they don't have this type of Security on their starships."

"Good" thought the Chief, "That means we can do what we came here to do without having to find it ourselves."

The Chief searched for his hidden M6D pistol that he always kept and found it in a hidden crevice on his new MJOLNIR armor.

"At least I have this to help us out right Eli? Eli? O great you're asleep," thought the Chief. " I hate these new AI's," thought the Chief "especially mine because it has to 'sleep' (go into a hibernative state to recharge used energy to help save the Chief's life support system.) so I don't die on a planet that doesn't have oxygen."

All of a sudden a golden elite with a fleet commanders insignia on it's back came into the cell and led the Chief to what looked like an interrogation cell. All of a sudden a Golden elite flanked by two black Special Operations elites entered.

"Holy shit" thought the Chief it's a Covenant fleet Admiral.

All of a sudden the Fleet Admiral spoke, "Now is the time puny human to tell me all the secrets of your pathetic race."

To Be Continued...