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Galaxy 07 - Part 3 - Extracts
Posted By: Jillybean<jbean_gotmuse@yahoo.co.uk>
Date: 14 November 2003, 5:03 PM

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Galaxy 07

Author: Jillybean
AN: So everyone feels a little confused. I hope this little chapter clears it all up.


:An excerpt from Monitor 343 Guilty Spark's report on Galaxy 07:

The circumstances surrounding Galaxy 07 require a comprehensive and linear explanation. One which this Monitor finds incomplete.

This Monitor's primary objective was the care and protection of Installation 04 and it's Flood specimens. Henceforth, this Monitor shall be referred to as 'I'.

My first encounter with the species that refers to themselves as 'Covenant' was when Installation 04 was besieged. The Covenant's actions had a religious purpose. This has afterwards been understood to be a mistake. Our own limited interactions with this race had provoked a genocidal war fare. This is a fascinating aspect of Galaxy 07 and is more clearly illustrated in the Galaxy 07 exhibit which is now open. It is recommended by this monitor that any being interesting by this Galaxy should pay the exhibit a visit. Located on a specially chosen planet it mirrors life on Galaxy 07 completely. We have limited interaction with the inhabitants. It is believed that the Grunts are dying out at present. One would recommend that they are seen before lost to us completely.

To return to the chosen topic of report. The Covenant had pursued a Human cruiser to Installation 04. A battle raged and I chose not to intervene. This has been contested by the Council of Monitors and it has been decided that intervention should have been my course. In any similar situations I shall henceforth act accordingly.
The Covenant appeared intent to study the Flood and released them in what appeared to be an accident. I had the situation under control when the Human construct, Cortana, entered the Core of Installation 04 and learned of the Flood. In the mean time, more humans had come and destroyed my fragile containment methods. It was evident to me I must wait for a Reclaimer, yet there was no time to induce the proper Genetic Overrides.

The Spartan referred to as Master Chief reclaimed the Index, yet Cortana prevented any reunification of the Core and Index. Cortana and Master Chief proceeded to destroy the Generators on Installation 04 then to destroy the Installation itself.
With the threat of the Flood release nullified, I returned to Galaxy 01 to collect further orders.

My standing orders were to inform the other Monitors of the threat and nullify Galaxy 07. It was believed that the Covenant and the Humans were a threat to life in the universe as they would undoubtedly pursue the Flood.
I attempted to select the Master Chief and a female human known as Daxia Ring to undergo the Genetic Overrides. This procedure would bring to the surface their latent Forerunner genes. They resisted and I failed.
I later chose two other humans to become my Reclaimer and Preserver. These two were terminated by the Master Chief once more.

It was at this point that the humans colonized Installation 02. They began to colonize Installation 08 and Installation 06. On both Installations the Flood were released. I was able to recruit a Spartan III to unify Installation 08's Core and Index.
As procedure indicates the Forerunner then took one hundred specimens of sentient life on Galaxy 07. We vacated the system before the Bio-Mass Wave was set off.
The construct, Cortana, was able to accompany us on the jump from Galaxy 07 to Galaxy 01 with the Avalon. Located in the Avalon was the Master Chief and Daxia Ring also. These specimens are unsuitable for study. A human or Covenant ship would have been unable to follow at our speed.

We have no reason to believe that any Humans or Covenant have survived in Galaxy 07.

:: Extract End ::

::An excerpt from Aislinn Ring's History.::

It has been three days since the premature detonation of the Halos. Most of our doctors, our scientists, our injured marines, were on the cruisers destined for the other Halos.
We have seen the aftershock of the detonation shake our Halo to it's foundations. We have seen ships plunge for the sky as fire. I can not believe that anyone else survived.

The former Governors of Earth are renaming themselves as the Elders. We still have frozen sperm and eggs from most of the UNSC's finest. Considering our tiny number, it appears that we will have to select each child's parents individually, if only to avoid cross breeding.

We are limited in our resources. One of our soul mechanics is trying to fix a Pelican. They think that we could mine from the nearby moons, the precious ores we need to build with. To work with. We are caring for our crops now as if they are gold dust. Perhaps they are more valuable.

We are on an isolated world, all alone. They say it is possible for some Covenant to have survived. They are trying to use it to drive us on. Already they are trying to forget that we have made a terrible, terrible mistake. We should never have tried to harness the Halos, they are not ours to do so.

I am not going to let them make mistakes again. I will record everything that happens. I feel it is the least I could do, after all, my sister is one of the fallen.

All at Strayforth have died. It was within the perimeters of the active Halos.

We are all lost.

I cannot help but feel that life has changed. Forever.

::Excerpt end::