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Comments for 'Galaxy 07 - Part 3 - Extracts'

that guy over there who smiled just a bit too wide.
6:36 am | November 17, 2003
your previous saga was the best fan fic i ever read about halo, and this one is shapeing up to be even better. The signifying of Cortana and her mental breakdown over the second chapter was a real cool touch, keep up the good work. oh and your halo-ween fan fic was awesome too.
2:19 am | November 17, 2003
Quite decent, ol' bean.
4:29 am | November 16, 2003
i just got done reading the begginning of RnH
if i read any of that earlier i would have known you were a female :D
not many guys are gonna make the MC bang some1
great series it was tho
this ones pimp too
ur an awesome writer
2:24 am | November 16, 2003
I thought Aislinn died? I know one of her sisters died. It was Aislinn right?
11:37 pm | November 15, 2003
Aislinn's . . . since Aislinn is actually on a Halo.

Aislinn on Halo
Daxia with Forerunners.
10:30 pm | November 15, 2003
haha quite informative
doin a pimp job ma'am
8:15 pm | November 15, 2003
Ok now I get it
2:26 pm | November 15, 2003
The Tru7h revealed!
1:43 pm | November 15, 2003
Informative indeed.

But on the last excerpt was that supposed to be Aislinn or Daxia's? Because I can only figure Daxia for being the one who knew about all of that.