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ONI Black Operations Part 3
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 4 May 2003, 8:49 PM

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Lancaster, Meridea 2035 hours

The Pelican's doors opened up in the middle of a war torn city. Civilian bodies littered the streets but not one of them was armed, why would rebels do that. The Lieutenant Commander stood up and jumped out of the Pelican, his powered suit already activating his shields.

"Alright apes, lets move. We have to find the source of these killings and put a stop to it, Lt. Grayson I want you deployed farther up, I need you to give me the heads up on everything...alright the rest of you move out"

The Lieutenant Commander turned around and hefted his MA6B, the only member of the 3 squads who uses the older weapon while the rest of the people had the CP-02 rifles. The rest of the squad jumped out and I saw all their expressions on their faces as the Pelican accelerated. The Pelican went deeper into the city and into the center of the fighting.

"Lt. Grayson get ready, we are nearing your deployment point, get ready" The pilot called down

I saw soldiers down in the city, but there weren't supposed to be any..what was going on here?. Tracer fire clawed up into the sky, trailing in the aircraft's wake. Explosions littered the city as rockets left their launchers and flew towards their destinations. I held in my hand my only friend I had, my Pulse Sniper Rifle. It was to be my lifeline in the city and the only thing I would need and......

"Holy Shit, Lieutenant im dropping you off here, im getting a lot of SPNKr fire, heavy armaments for rebels but nothing had been taken like that..."The pilot positioned the Pelican above the roof of another building.

I stood up as a rocket sailed by the stationary Pelican, I reached down to activate my PSCS when I saw down in street a squad of Marines. I raised an eyebrow as I lowered my visor and the shield powered up. I stretched my muscles and began to lean out when the Pelican lurched. As I twisted my head around to see inside the cockpit, the Pelican exploded blowing me out the back of the ship. I flew through the air and landed on the building, not the one I was aiming for but the one beyond that. My shield had already gave out as I scraped across the roof of the building, my sniper rifle smashing my back as it was jerked around, I kept sliding until I smashed right into an Air-conditioning unit and blanked out.

"Holy shit, Lt. Commander what the hell was that" Sgt. Smith yelled with a view of pure terror.

The Lt. Commander leaned against a car and fired a burst of his weapon up the street, hitting something that caused a blood curdling scream. "Smith, I have no god damned idea what that was but I don't think it was all that...."

Sgt. Peterson cut in "Sir, It was that bad, I saw it and the explosion was rockets that just blew up, the Pelican was right there and that explosion was it....."

All could the rest of the squad mutter was one person and with one word summed it all up "Shit"

"Sir, there is something else. There are Marines out here, not civilians, not ODSTs, not any type of rebels but the Marines. What are they doing here?" Sgt. Peterson muttered out

Lt. Ortega kicked a uniformed body over and it revealed who it was "ODST, I think this is a set up, no one knew about this operation except the Major, he's the only one who could of sent them in and I think he pitted them against he marines and oh shit there's a worse part to that"

"Spit it out Lieutenant" The Commander barked

"Our uniforms are ODST, we are definitely in the hell hole this time" Everyone gazed out around them and up the street, suddenly they disappeared from view.

I woke up to a horrible headache and pain through out my body. As I opened my eyes I could already see burning pieces of debris scattered around me. My visor was spider-webbed with cracks and the back of my right thigh hurt pretty bad. I figured out the hard way that I couldn't stand up as quickly as I would usually do. I gazed around me, taking in my scenery as well as the situation. From instinct, I already had my sniper rifle in my hands, loaded and ready to fire.

"What the hell did I get myself into this time?"

I reached down to my thigh, I felt around and I scratched myself on something. My leg was bleeding pretty bad and I had a piece of shrapnel in my leg. I got a good grip on it and yanked it out. I noticed out of the side of my eye, movement on the side of another building. I turned my head and saw a marine climb on top of the roof across the street, then another and another, it was a whole squad.

"Crap, well that's why I am happy im in this unit"

I tapped a couple buttons on my wrist to have my PSCS activate, since it had shut off from the explosion. After I completed it, I waited for it to come on but nothing happened, I tried a second time and tried activating the cloak with it. I was still visible, the PSCS wasn't working. I slapped my helmet and my HUD flicked back on, it showed through the spider-webbed visor that the PSCS was destroyed.

"Shit, and I thought I had it bad before, I hope I come out of this alright"

The marines finally noticed me and their MA6Bs coughed before I could take cover, shells connected with my chest and I dropped like a sack of potatoes. I was hit with AP and EX rounds. My suit stopped most of the rounds, the EX shells exploded and melted my armored plate, a few of the AP rounds did go through my plate. I have been hit with plasma bolts, needlers, and burns from Fuel Rod Cannons, but I had never experienced being shot with a human weapon. Three piercing pains went through my shoulder and my gut. As I lay there bleeding rather profusely, a thought came through my head, why were the marines shooting at me even though I hadn't fired a single shot?.

"God, so I guess this is what the Grunts feel like when we riddle them full of bullets"

I reached into my first-aid kit and pulled out a bottle of Biofoam, I fumbled opening it up. But I finally inserted the nozzle into my bullet wounds, I filled up my cavities with the foam which stopped the blood loss and slowed down the shock that was slowly consuming my consciousness. My sniper rifle was lying on the floor next to me. I picked it up and brought it up to my shoulder as I kneeled, I put the scope to my eye and centered on one of the marines.

"No hard feelings, I just want to make it back alive" I muttered to myself

I squeezed the trigger, the sniper rifle recoiled but the barrel burst. The gun had jammed with something inside the barrel. I cursed myself out and then ran, the marines had a bead on me again. I already had my pistol out, I fired one into one of their chests. The shell did not do anything but the marines took cover, I ran into a stairway and began to limp down the stairs. The building wasn't that tall so I was at the bottom of it rather quickly. I opened the stairwell's door with my pistol extended, the area was clear and I limped out slowly. The lobby of the building looked like a war zone, but there were only bullet holes.

There was yelling and shouting up the street, I walked closer to the shattered window of the building, pieces of shattered glass cracking beneath my feet. I kneeled down behind the remains of a table, sat there, and just waited. Slowly a squad of marines, the ones from the roof, walked past steadily but very alert.

"Crap, if I find that piece of crap Im gonna fill him with so much bullets, they could make a car out of his dead body" A marine said

"They are so blood thirsty, those god damned Orbital Drop Shock Troopers, did you men hear what they did to Lieutenant Sheffield's squad, they were responding to the civilian raid on the armory and they were jumped by a squad of ODSTs, if her squad hadn't of pulled back when they did they would of been wiped out, Carlos that one on the roof would of killed you if he wasn't wounded" The Lieutenant

"L.T., He was armed with a sniper rifle, he hit me with a pistol round, I bet if he wanted to he could of killed me, but he didn't and that has me wondering................wait a minute im getting COM traffic, Sir, a squad of the bastards were spotted in our area, but the other squads haven't been able to track them" The marine named Carlos said

"Lets go kill us some traitors"

I heard them walk off, I sighed and peeked around the corner. There was no one in sight, I raised my pistol up. My pistol still had more then half of the shells left in its clip, my sniper rifle I still had with me but it was slung around my shoulder. I slowly crossed into the debris littered street, my weapon sweeping all angles for any enemies, I could hear gun fire in the distance, MA6Bs most likely, and screams and shouts. My COM wasn't working, nothing I had was working, so in all I wasn't having a good day.

"I hope no one finds me, I don't want to kill the marines but if I run into any more im just going to have to kill them" I muttered to myself"

I moved from cover to cover, trying to find a way out of the hell hole they called the city. I began to go into shock, my thoughts became jumbled and my movements became clumsy and tired. I began to have trouble keeping my pistol up. There was a noise behind me and I turned around, the squad of marines were back and they opened fire. Bullets zinged past me and ricocheted off my armor. I fired a couple rounds at them, but with me in that condition I wasn't liable to hit anything. Bullets were still flying. I felt a sharp pain and I fell backwards, my life's blood was flowing out of me and the marines just stood over me. They had this look in their eyes like they felt bad for me. I coughed up some blood and I just stared.

"What the hell did I ever do to you marines" I passed out after hearing a coupled muffled replies.