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Comments for 'ONI Black Operations Part 3'

4:19 am | May 8, 2003
its ok, im not that annoyed about it, im annoyed about having my comp taken away because of grades, the library's comps are so dang slow...damn damn damn
12:50 pm | May 7, 2003
yeah that was by bad, when i posted my first story, i thought there was only "Another ONI Black File. so i made mine black ops,but it looks like we ran into each other on that one jaywhit. my apologies.
2:13 am | May 7, 2003
yo i hate cliff hangers, this is a sweet ass story man, keep it up!
11:54 am | May 6, 2003
Ya someone else just started another one, but the title is a smige different, so i can't raise hell, unless it becomes like mine, anywho im happy it jumped from a 8/10 to a 9/10, its gonna get better don't worry
9:25 pm | May 5, 2003
9/10 is it just me or are their two black file seris goin on?