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Titan - Chapter 7 The end of it all
Posted By: Jaywhit10<Jaywhit10@aol.com>
Date: 9 November 2002, 6:59 pm

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(Hi all, im back again. Okay heres the deal. I know I haven't written a Fan Fic since august and this is the last part of that series. Yes im making another one, Yes its good, No these aren't spartans, and no i am not gay. So heres the low down, my next series will be some what after this but i will not write a lot since i am pretty much screwed im my school life......Well heres my last part enjoy!)

On the surface of Titan near the remains of Research Station A

      Lt. Webster woke up on the ground, the inside of his helmet covered in blood. Two medics were over him, they were adminstering morphine to him while properly fixing his wound. "What happened so far, while I was unconcious?". One of the medics pricked him with something. "We lost a lot of men, but we can hold out till re-enforcements arrive". He just layed there, with a dazed look as the morphine took effect. He heard the landing of another Pelican and Marines scrambling to see what was happening. "Shit, where did they go, these marines came out but they disapered". Cpl. Ryan ran by, climbing on top of the wreckage of a Scorpian. He layed down and began to look through his scope. "I swear, I can't see them anymore, where the hell did they go". The medics finished with Lt. Webster and sealed his wound up again. The Lt. leaned up, still in pain. "Sir, the wound his patched but....you are still going to be hurting for awhile" The medics dusted themsevles off and let him stand up. Webster looked around and saw that the remaining marines of the 117th and 252nd were dug in, watching, and waiting for something to happen.

      He stood up and looked back at the medics, he nodded towards them and grabbed his MA6B and walked forward. He went on over to the remaining marines, each foot step moving slowly and sinking into the sand. "Ryan, whats up?", the Lt. said to a marine laying on the Scorpian with his eye in his scope. "Nothing Sir, we are trying to figure out what came out of that ship and if they were hostile why haven't they attacked". He glanced towards the pelican and saw nothing, all there was there was emptyness. A loud screech flew rippled through all the marine's ears. A black Pelican landed beside the other one, but this time the marines running out could be seen. "Shit Sir, if they get anymore people down here, they could outnumber us three to one". Cpl. Ryan tightened up and began to take careful aim. Lt Webster's COM went off "###Webster im coming in and im coming in hot, get all the marines ready for dust off. Im the only one on the way here". Webster looked up and saw a streak in the sky "Rose, do you have any re-enforcements?, because we are going to need it". His COM crackeled again in his ear "No your're all thats left of the marines on the ship, most of them were killed and if any are left.....its going to be hard to get to them. The Devil's Messenger took a real beating and its a miracle that it didn't blow yet. So hang on ETA, 3 minutes" The COM shut off. Lt. Webster turned towards all the other marines "Listen up, our ride is almost here, so get ready for dust-off". He smacked a new clip into his beaten up MA6B. Lt. Mendez looked over "What do you mean, we're getting off this rock?". Lt. Webster held his MA6B up "Yeah and its only one so don't let it get fragged, theres no re-enforcements either, they are all dead."

      Many of the marines looked down at the ground, some remembering someone they still knew on the ship and guessing that they were all dead. A rocket screamed through the air, the Pelican barely dodged it "Lt. Webster, they are trying to frag our ride" He fired one shell and there was a scream into the distance. "Everyone open fire" Lt. Webster screamed and runned over to the edge of the sand dune. His began to fire short bursts of EX rounds. A rocket was launched from the marine lines, Pvt. Patterson loaded another rocket into her Jackhammer. The marines in black suits in the distance faultered from the oncoming fire, they returned fire. Bullets zinged all around Webster, a marine fell next to him and one got his head blown into pieces with an EX round. Webster switched clips but dropped it, he bent down to pick it up and the marine behind him was hit with 7 EX rounds, his body blowing to pieces. "Keep firing, everyone hold them off" Lt. Mendez yelled and she kept firing four sniper rounds at every marine in a black suit she saw. The pelican got closer, all its armaments showing on its wings, it's chin-gun flared to life and ripped the newest black pelican into burning pieces. The marine lines on the dune held and fought off the newest threat. The marines in the black suits took cover, only the marines with the sniper rifles on the dune kept firing.

      "Hey Sir, I think we did it" Pvt. Patterson yelled and looked back towards her Lieutenant. A Marine in a black suit appeared right behind her, out of thin air. Webster tried to raise his rifle but it was in Vain. The black suited marine fired in a full auto fusillade and killed her, he turned his fire on the nearest group of marines. The shelling ripping through their armor like paper. The rest of the marines turned towards the newest threat and 14 other black suited marines appeared. They all fired and the marines fell before them. Lt. Mendez fired hir sniper rifle at one of them, the bullet hit something which shimmered around them like an elite's shields. She fired two more times, this time at the head and didn't recieve any resistance and the marine fell. Cpl. Ryan fired at another but one of the tossed a grenade at him. The grenade's initial explosion didn't kill him but it tossed out all these little grenades, which all exploded around the Scorpian and killed him. Lt. Webster opened fire at all of the marines in a full auto fusillade but all his bullets were stopped by the shimmering thin. The black suited marines dissapered and the 117th and 252nd marines that were still alive....were being picked off one by one. Lt. Webster slowly went back towards the medics and as he was walking backwards he heard a burst of fire, he turned and saw both of the medics dead. Lt. Webster tossed a fragmentation grenade at the area of the burst, when it went off it detonated the medic's grenades also. The explosion engulfed a man, his body fell to the floor. Lt. Mendez kept firing at the shimmerings but hadn't gotten any of them because she had to keep changing clips. She hit one of them and the body fell, she began to change clips when a black suited marine appeared right infront of her. She stared into the black visor of the marine, the marine had his rifle raised and aimed at her chest.

      Lt. Webster pulled out his pistol and fired at the marine, the bullet hit the marine's head on the side of the helmet but not going through but instead ripping off the visor revealing a face below it. The face was covered in burn scars and pieces of skin weren't normal, he looked like he was caught in a large fire. Lt. Mendez stared right into his eyes "Oh my god it can't be but your....." The marine smashed her over the head with his MA6B, instead of shooting her. He faced the remaining 117th and 252nd marines around him and fired his MA6B full auto, EX rounds ripping the marines to pieces. His face showed some remorse but oddly he didn't show it any other way but it was getting to him mentally. All that was left was Lt. Webster who had seen all of this happen. He began to fire at them with his pistol, but the rounds didn't do anything. The pelican landed behind him. The rear hatch opened, Rose and her co-pilot ran out. The marines opened fire, the shells ripping through Rose and the co-pilot. Her body fell off the ramp and right next to Webster. He turned pale, he looked straight into the eyes of the marine. "You bastard she was a fucking pilot, im going to gut your eyes out and put them onto a plate and then serve it to......" Lt. Webster's chest blossomed and he fell backwards. The marine's gun was still smoking. Rose's body moved, the black marines took out packs of C-12, they tossed it into the pelican and onto the bodies. The marine without a visor and another black suited marine, picked up the body of Lt. Mendez. They all ran back towards their pelican, detonating the explosives as they ran. Lt. Webster's eyes still stared into the sky.

UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger in orbit around Titan

      "CAPTAIN, WE LOST CONTACT WITH OUR FORCES ON THE GROUND". LT. Mendel screammed. The Tac-Screen was covered in reds as the six ships, four corvettes, the Elemental, and the stealth ship moved closer. Dragon Flies were swarming around them like bees. "Oh my god, Lt. Mendel tell the Galaxy to get out of here, we are in big trouble. Tell them to go into slipspace and towards another colony, anyone but here. We'll hold them off". The bridge was shaded in red and crewmen ran around trying to prepare the bridge for the battle. The view screen turned on and Captain Gonzalez's face appeared "Thank You Captain White, we won't forget this" The Galaxy turned around and began to accelerate "Someone, get those Shiva Misslies into the launch tubes, time to kick some major ass" The crewman ran aroun, some cheered. Angel appeared "Captain, the shockwave from those nuclear devices could tear us apart". Captain White faced the construct "Yeah but we'll kill them too". A black pelican went left the atmosphere and docked with the stealth ship. They began to move forward, energy building in five of the six ships.

      The Dragon Flies accelerated and headed for the carrier. "Lock onto the middle of those six ships ...... FIRE THE NUKES" The captain screamed and three missles were launched towards the incoming ships, they were launched with all the remaining Archer Missiles. They streaked towards their targets, some of the archers collided with the Dragon Flies, evening the odds. The Dragon Flies began to target the missiles, blowing them up. They destroyed most of the archer missiles before they discovered the Shivas. "Oh my god no", They spread out and three of them fired at the Shiva's, the nukes detonated half-way to their target. The resulting shockwave destroyed most of the Dragon Flies and rammed into the hull of the Devil's Messenger. After the emp had stopped, there was no Dragon Flies and the Devil's Messenger about to break in half. "Crap, give me a status report Angel". The AI was fuzzy and it was a bit distorted "The ships are still there Sir, they just fired and it was a pleasure working with you" The captain looked pale, the ETA of the MAC shells impacting was displayed on the Tac-Screen. The Devil's Messenger couldn't move and the shells had an easy target. The streaks of flame got closer to the carrier. "You all served me well, I thank you all. You were one of the best crews I have ever had the pleasure of commanding". The first MAC shell ripped through the bridge and exited straight out the engines of the ship. Three other shells from the corvettes continued to rip the ship into pieces. The Elemental's two MAC rounds were over kill as they impacted into the already detonating reactor. The UNSC Carrier Devil's Messenger was no more, all that was left was the remains of the long swords that had been protecting it. The five ships fired on the colony, their MAC rounds destroying it completly, leaving only ghosts and one reall big hole. The sixth ship, the Stealth Ship had already jumped into slipspace. The five other ships accelerated and sped back towards Earth, leaving Titan a memory in which no one would no about..........