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Comments for 'Titan - Chapter 7 The end of it all'

1:34 am | November 18, 2002
must resitst it...must resist...you need to paragra*Diablo is killed by jaywhit*
11:26 pm | November 13, 2002
Heya, i just read your whole series just now. Is the black marine Pvt. Andrews from your other story since he picked up mendez's body? I think it is. And why didn't the aliens come back? And why did the First Light and Elemental turn on the others? I was a little confused with that but o well, still a great series!!!! Hope the other one comes out soon!?!?!?!?!?!
12:02 pm | November 12, 2002
The thing is, is that i want to do so much now in the way of series. But im not sure which character to do it as or in what form. I am trying to get the plot down in my story during school, my problems in school is that i hate geometry and i have too much homework/projects. I need to decide but i've got 6 hours and 30 minutes to think of it each day, lol. But really i would suggest you read my last series and then put some of that knowalge to this one, something might click. If you have any ideas towards that, don't say it in the comments page.
9:56 pm | November 11, 2002
Okay i see where you are going Sarge, yes i have noticed that but i didn't want to change it on the last part. I write differently in thrid and first person, im trying to work on that. Im going to do something like that because i read my series before this one and noticed how i did do the speaking sepretly. So in other words i didn't follow what i had done before. But im still debating about what view my next series is going to be in
9:49 pm | November 11, 2002
Read the story it is quite good however, I have a question for you... Some of us keep telling you about making paragraphs when a new person talks why do you not do this. I think it turns some people off cause they are tired of seeing it. Other than that good story here can't wait for your next series.
12:54 pm | November 11, 2002
Great ending to this series. I want that next one.
7:21 am | November 11, 2002
hey hey. its mr titan! howdy again. and i c sarge and wado... jay is doning his part to keep the saturian tradition alive in a way. and i hope i can actually complete another series.
9:27 pm | November 10, 2002
If any of you people could notice, a couple names from my first series, all my parts have something in common with each other and each one takes place some time after the first. If you've read this series and my first series. My Next one is going to freak the pants off you.
8:01 pm | November 10, 2002

Well Jay, good luck in your school, hope things turn around for the better.

Didn't realize this was the last of this series. The ending was great.

7:43 pm | November 10, 2002
Should I say it just to piss him off?